Whats in my bag | Copenhagen

Sorry for being a bit MIA on here recently, I’ve been busy trying to get everything sorted out before my trip to Copenhagen, house hunting and trying to catch up with some extra stuff at work! Hopefully I can make up for it with a few exciting Copenhagen posts!

The first post that I wanted to do was a what’s in my bag – Copenhagen edition! I love these kind of posts because I’m super nosy so I figured I might as well jump on board.

First up is electricals, usually I take a bit more but because I’m traveling with my boyfriend who does photography I didn’t really need to bring too much. For most of my photos I use my phone (Google Pixel 2) so I always have that with me and of course I bought my charger. I also always pack a couple of plug adapters because the UK have different plugs to the rest of Europe for some reason! I always make sure I have my headphones with me for the flight and any train journeys we might have. The only proper camera I did want to bring was my Fuji film instax mini instant camera. I love this camera and I have a scrapbook of my entire year from January 1st which I am working on using just photos from this camera. The camera only holds 10 sheets of film at a time so I also brought an extra box incase I needed it.

The next thing I put in my bag is my toiletries. Obviously since we were flying and we only took hand luggage, I had to separate out my liquids. I also put some things in my boyfriend’s bag like toothpaste and shampoo which he would need too.

In my toiletry bag (the minnie mouse one from Cath Kidston) I put some make up wipes, all of my make up brushes, my tangle teaser, some hair bands and a clip, some ibroprofen, some multi purpose wet wipes, my toothbrush and my powder make up including eyeshadow, brow powder, blush and face powder.

Since we only had hand luggage, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t bringing too much stuff with me so, appart from socks and underwear, this was the only clothing I put in my bag. I wore jogging bottoms, a t-shirt, thicker jacket and converse to the airport which meant I had more space in my bag. I didn’t bother bringing extra shoes because I knew my converse would go with everything and I did bring a denim jacket in case it was sunny so I didn’t have to wear my bigger jacket. For bottoms I bought two pairs of leggings, one normal pair and one leather pair, a denim skirt, a pair of ripped jeans and a pair of high waisted dressy trousers in case we decided to go out one night. For tops I bought 4 t-shirts, a thin jumper and a cropped top to wear with the high waisted trousers if we did go out. I also brought a big night shirt with me because I get really hot at night so I didn’t want to wear my jogging bottoms.

In my liquids bag I put all of my liquid make up including foundation, lip balm, lipstick, concealer, mascara and brow gel. I also put in my shower gel, hand sanitizer, hand cream and body spray as well as my inhaler which technically isn’t a liquid but a lot of the time they ask me to put it in the bag anyway. I would have put my deodorant in here too except mine was bigger than the limit so I had to pick some up when we got to Copenhagen.

For accessories, again I know we had just hand luggage so I tried to keep it basic. I packed a chocker necklace which goes with everything, a pink headscarf which I could use if my hair gets greasy or when I’m doing my make up. I also put in my Disney cap which I always wear for traveling or if I haven’t had time to wash my hair! I decided to take my little backpack from asos because that way it would fit everything I needed to carry each day but it would also squash flat to put in my bag. I did bring my card/ID holder which I always carry in case I needed to pay for anything by card and I also bought a little black purse to put my Danish money in so I didn’t get muddled.

The final things I bought with me were my journal and a pen. I have been doing really well at writing in my journal every day and I didn’t want to forget what we had done so I bought it with me to fill in whilst we were away. I also bought an umbrella because we weren’t sure if it might rain. Of course I had to remember my passport and some Danish money to pay for things but I also made sure to bring some English coins in case I wanted to buy anything at the airport, I always take coins in case I want snacks from a vending machine or something, anything else I can use my card to pay for if I need to.

That’s everything I packed in my bag for this trip apart from a space saver bag which doesn’t require a vacuum. I am hoping that I can fit all of my dirty clothes in there on the way home to make some room for anything I decide to buy.

Love always,

Alice x

P.S. I have been documenting my trip on my Instagram (@alice_anonymous_) where I have just reached 100 followers! Go check it out.


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