Copenhagen | The style diaries

If you saw my ‘whats in my bag – Copenhagen edition’ then you’ll know that on this trip I tried to keep my outfits minimal because I was just taking hand luggage. I figured that it would be fun to try and get a few shots of my outfit each day to show you what I wore throughout the trip and how I styled the few pieces that I took with me.



Thursday was our travel day so I actually just wore some grey jogging bottoms and a
podcast merch top on the plane because we had to leave at 4:30am and I wanted to be as comfy as possible! Once we arrived in Copenhagen and we got to our air b’n’b apartment
I decided to have a shower and get changed into fresh clothes. For the first day, I chose a simple, comfy outfit of black leggings (Primark), a burgundy oversized t-shirt (h&m) and a cropped denim jacket also from h&m which I actually bought for my sister for her birthday and then borrowed for this trip!

I really liked this outfit because it was comfy and super casual but it was also not just jogging bottoms and a top (although it basically was!) I probably should have worn this outfit a different day because it ended up raining the whole of the first day and leggings and a t-shirt aren’t the warmest – or driest – of clothes!



On Friday, once again, I didn’t plan my outfit exceptionally well, I hadn’t realised that we would be going to a theme park on Friday night and therefore had decided to wear a
skirt. It was only when I tried as gracefully as possible to climb off a big plastic giraffe – in front of a child, that I realised the true mistake I had made!

My outfit for Friday was a denim skirt (new look), black fishnet tights (Primark), a white mickey mouse top (Primark) tucked into the skirt and my fluffy burgundy jacket (also Primark!) I was sensible and wore a pair of socks over my tights so that my feet didn’t rub inside my converse.



Saturdays outfit looked pretty similar to Thursdays yet it was not the same clothes. On Saturday I went for a chilled outfit although, once again, I got it wrong – no one should wear leather trousers in blazing sunshine!

I picked a pair of Asos leather look leggings, a white and black striped top (pull and bear) and my sister’s denim jacket. I also wore it with the same mint backpack from Asos and converse which I wore every day of the trip!



Sunday was probably the only day that I got it right! On Sunday we made a trip to a
neighboring town to visit a big museum so I decided to wear ripped jeans (Miss Selfridge) and a grey v-neck top (forever 21) with my sister’s denim jacket, my converse, and backpack. I was totally rocking the double denim look on this day and I still can’t decide if I loved it or not!



Monday was another traveling day because it was time to come home! In hindsight, I wished I had saved Thursdays outfit to wear on Monday because leggings would have been more comfy to wear on the plane than ripped jeans but I didn’t so this is what I wore instead!

I chose my ripped jeans from Miss Selfridge again but this time I wore them with a soft grey jumper from Uniqlo and my fluffy jacket from Primark. I also wore a pink headscarf tie from Primark which was pretty much the only accessory I wore on the whole trip apart from my watch!

Which was your favourite outfit?

Love always,

Alice x


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