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I love to buy people unique and different gifts that they might not always be able to get elsewhere so when I was searching Instagram for small businesses, I was very excited to come across @berts_jewellery

This page mainly sells beautiful handmade metal bracelets but also features a few other pieces such as rings or necklaces.

I didn’t have any one in particular in mind to buy the bracelets for apart from myself so I decided to go for this already made set which meant they could be sent out straight away.

This set includes one bracelet made of each metal that they use and each one features a different hand stamped word. This set costs £22 but there are plenty of other pieces available and they also offer personalised items.

I was so impressed with the whole process, I messaged the seller on Instagram, paid securely via PayPal and she sent the items on the same day. They arrived quickly and were beautifully packaged.

All of the bracelets are easy to gently bend to fit your wrist and to avoid them falling off which is one thing that I had worried about when they first arrived. I tested them out over a couple of days including wearing them to work – I work in a nursery – and they were absolutely fine! Each bracelet also comes with a little note in the bag with some information and care instructions which is a lovely – and very handy –

I decided that rather than just tell you about the bracelets and how much I love them, I would ask the owner of the business a couple of questions so you could get their perspective of the company and maybe even learn something interesting!

How long have you been running your business?

I started Bert’s Jewellery just one month ago! I was hoping that people would like the idea and luckily they have!

What encouraged you to start up your own business?

I took a big step back and downsized [my previous business] when I became a mum to Bert. When he was little, I would make clothes for him and for friends children. I would have liked to turn this into a business but each garment took quite a while to make and Bert didn’t like to sit still and wait! It also meant I had to have lots of fabric and a bulky sewing machine in my tiny house. I have worn a certain piece of jewellery since I met Bert’s dad; it’s quite sentimental and I wanted to be able to create something similar for others. That’s where the idea for Bert’s bracelets came from. Bert’s jewellery is a business that I can pack away between orders which is much more practical for our busy family home.

Do you have any plans to expand your business or your stock range in the future?

I would like to be known for my bracelets, so I will be focusing on these and developing more options and design variations. More metals, different widths, and textures will be coming soon. There will always be other pieces popping up on Etsy, facebook and Instagram too!

Which is your favourite metal to work with?

I love brass, it’s harder than aluminum and it holds it’s shape beautifully when formed.

How long does each bracelet take to make?

Each bracelet takes around half an hour to make.

What’s the best advice you could give to someone who is thinking about starting up a small business?

Go for it! Start small and focus on one thing first. Don’t be the jack of all trades and master of none! The best bit about creating a product for a customer is seeing how happy they are with something that you have created and them recommending you to their friends. It’s better than a successful office appraisal any day!


I loved getting to know the owner a little bit better and especially hearing about the inspiration for the business. My favourite thing that she said was “Choose something that you love doing and you will never feel like you’re working.” I feel like this is such a positive message for everyone when it comes to your work!

I’d love to make a regular post to highlight a small business and get to know the owner so if you are a small business owner or know one, get in touch via Instagram (alice_anonymous_) or send me an email (

Love always, 

Alice x



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