5 Steps to Achieving your Dreams

I was sitting eating my dinner last night when my laptop screensaver came up and starting showing me all of my photos. A screenshot of a quote came up and it made me think. “If not now, when?”

I’m a very goal orientated person and I think it’s important to turn your dreams into goals in order to achieve them.

1. Write it down – the first step, for me, to achieving anything is to write it down. Whenever I have a goal or even little things that I want to do, I make sure to write it in a notebook, usually my bullet journal or whatever planner I happen to be using. If its smaller day to day things, I’ll jot them down in a to-do list, if it’s a bigger, longer-term goal then I might write it big across a whole page and decorate it a bit to make it stand out. I find that you look at it more if it’s pretty and the more you look at it, the more motivated you are to achieve it.

2. Set a timescale – it’s almost impossible to achieve anything if you have no timescale. Until you set yourself a time specific goal, you’ll never be fully motivated to achieve it. Make sure your timescale is realistic to the goal, you’ll never be able to save up lots of money or lose weight in a few days!

3. Break it down into small easy to achieve steps – Big goals can be intimidating, break it up into smaller steps to help you reach your goal. If your goal is to save a large sum of money, break it into smaller amounts which you can tick off.

4. Keep checking back to see how you’re doing – Make sure you always keep that goal in sight. Keep checking your progress and, if you can, keep a visual reminder of the goal on you at all times. If your goal was to buy a house, carry a picture of your dream home in your purse or set it as your phone background so you’re constantly able to see it.

5. Remember to celebrate all the successes on your journey to achieving your dreams – don’t be disheartened if you haven’t met your goal straight away. Celebrate all of the mini goals on your way to achieving your dream to motivate you to meet the next target.

What’s your top tip for achieving your goals?

Love always,

Alice x


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