Princesses, Pimms and Park fun | Journal

It’s safe to say I am a little delayed in writing this post – as I seem to be admitting oh, so often. I’m the sort of person that likes to put my all into everything I do which unfortunately means that most things I do tend to get abandoned. It’s impossible to put 100% into everything you do because you just cannot stretch that far. Instead I’m going to work on taking a step back and trying to balance everything better. I’m going to aim to schedule better, stop bringing work home and allocate myself blogging/Instagram time.

Monday 14th May

Monday was, as Mondays tend to be, a rather mundane day of getting back into the swing of work after the weekend and catching up on everything I put off to have fun during the weekend! I wrote up a few blog posts and began watching The Rain on Netflix – it’s intense and Danish but so far I’m really enjoying it. I also had fun doing some cooking and prepping for the weeks lunches which isn’t something I would usually take any pleasure in doing!

Tuesday 15th May

On Tuesday I had the chance to spend some time in the upstairs room at work which is img_20180515_214213_0228591588842361165983.jpgwhere the older children play and learn. It was nice to do something different and I actually really enjoyed myself. Since the royal wedding is upon us, we are having a dress up day at work so I ordered myself a Cinderella dress which arrived and – thankfully – fit me! After work, I hopped on a train into London and I met up with my boyfriend, his brother, his brothers girlfriend and his dad. We all went to eat at a Turkish restaurant to celebrate my boyfriends brothers birthday. I’m beginning to think that I might develop code names for everyone in my life – not because anything is top secret and I know a bunch of my family and friends read these but just because I think it would be fun!

Wednesday 16th May


Today was another busy work day, this time I was really happy to receive some praise from one of the parents who’s son I have been working with. It’s always nice to hear something positive about your work when people are often so quick to criticize. It was also a lovely day because one of the girls I work with, who is currently on maternity leave, popped in to visit with her baby. The final exciting thing that happened on Wednesday was that I began to watch Friends for the first time. Every time people mention Friends in any context, there is outrage when I admit I haven’t seen it and the world and his wife are offering to lend me their box sets. I was pretty bored Wednesday night when my boyfriend (let’s call him TJ – like in recess.. or maybe because those are just his initials!) was doing some editing so I figured why not give it a go. It’s actually pretty funny and I can see what people are talking about but still – no need to Friends shame those among us who haven’t seen it!

Thursday 17th May


Thursday was a fairly chilled day at work. I had fun playing with the children and doing all the fun bits but I also had some office work that I needed to get done before Friday so luckily I managed to squeeze getting that done into the day. After work on Friday I had brownies, this week we had decided to take the girls to the park instead of our usual meeting place. We had a little games evening and pre-royal wedding celebration. It was fun and nice to give them a chance to do something different!

Friday 18th May

One of the parents from work actually emailed my manager to say how much she appreciated my work and how well I was doing with her daughter which was so nice to hear and it was really nice that she took the time out to let my manager know how happy she was too. With the royal wedding tomorrow, we all dressed up in our prettiest princess dresses and spent the day dancing, making tiaras and having a great time! I managed to complete a training course that my manager had put me on and after work we had a meeting. It all went fairly well and we celebrated the impending weekend by heading out for a couple of drinks.

Saturday 19th May


We all know what happened today – if you don’t, where have you been? The royal wedding is something that I really didn’t expect to get into but oh my goodness, I was fully involved in everything! I loved celeb spotting, seeing her beautiful dress and soaking up all of the atmosphere of the day. Well, as much as you can through a TV screen. We decided to celebrate the wedding with a little tea party at home. We had scones with jam and cream, tea, sandwiches, cakes and Pimms. It was a wonderful day interrupted only by a flat viewing which we had booked mid afternoon. We actually saw a really lovely two bedroom flat which we would have been very tempted by but after considering it properly we decided it was a bit too far out of the way for work.

Sunday 20th May


Today is the first anniversary of the real royal wedding of the family – this day last year my brother and his beautiful wife tied the knot. I wish I could relive that day as we all had the most fun and it was such a gorgeous day in atmosphere, surroundings and generally they hit every detail on the head. Instead, I had to attend a church parade which the brownies are invited to a few times a year and I cleaned my car. I usually take my car to the places where they clean it for £5 and now, having cleaned it myself for the first time, I know exactly why I do that. It’s safe to say I won’t be cleaning it myself any time soon. Sunday was also the day I published my blog post: 50 Blog post ideas, and I started watching the new season of 13 reasons why. I’ve finished it now but – WOW. If you’re an adult and have read the warnings they give you, go and watch both seasons on Netflix right now. If you’re not an adult yet (trust me, I still question which category I fall into sometimes) check with your parents and maybe even watch it together.

Love always,

Alice x


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