Go ape | Adventure time

For my little sister’s 12th Birthday (you may recall I wrote a blog post all about her party) I decided not to give her a physical present, mostly because I had no idea what she wanted! Instead, I gave her a treasure hunt where she found vouchers which she could exchange for some time spent together. This months voucher was a day trip however after discussing it we agreed to use our day trip to do an activity; we decided to do Go ape.

At the last minute I decided to invite my boyfriend along, he’s really into photography and I figured he would be able to get some awesome photos for us. I wasn’t wrong, he took so many great photos but here are my favorites.




We had such a fun day and it was so funny looking back at all the pictures that we would never have managed to get if it was just the two of us.We really enjoyed ourselves and I can’t wait to do it again!

Also if you do like these pictures and you want to check out my boyfriends other pictures, go follow him on Instagram @tomjuggins_uk

Love always,

Alice x


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