These are a few of my favou​rite things | May 2018

Another month has flown past and it’s time for another post about everything I loved over the past month. I might have to drop a couple of categories next month because I’m struggling to find 10 different things each month so let me know in the comments which categories are your favourite!

Film: Rampage

My friend and I went to see Rampage in the cinema the other day, we were out for dinner and decided to go see a movie. There was nothing on that I would have usually picked so we ended up seeing this. I actually surprised myself and really enjoyed it. I’m not very good at describing films and things without giving away the whole plot but basically it’s about a gorilla who ends up getting supersized and Dwayne Johnson has to save the city.

Book: Summer Secrets – Jane Green

My favourite book this month is another book which I’ve owned for a long time and finally got around to reading. It was such a good book and I loved it because it had a geniune issue at the heart. Of course it was a romance so there was the element of will she get the guy or won’t she, but it also had unexpected family reveals and it told the story of an alcoholic who battled with her relationship with drink. I really loved the characters and I found myself rooting for Cat to sort her life out.

Make-up: Rimmel Wake me up foundation

I have been using this foundation for the past 5 years now and recently I thought that I would try to find a new one. I have tried a few different ones but I’ve managed to full circle back to this one. It’s a really good colour match, it blends in easily and it lasts resonably well throughout the day.

Beauty: Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body wash

I had heard great things about this and I nearly picked it up quite a few times and then my boyfriend ended up getting me a bottle for my birthday and I love it! It smells beautiful and it feels like its properly cleaning your skin yet still being gentle and moisturising.

TV Show: Suits

I’m sure every British person who hasn’t already watched Suits has started since Meghan Markle joined the royal family and I’m firmly on that ship. I figured I’d have to watch it to work out the hype and it’s actually so good – I’m hooked.

Food: Cinnamon and Raisin Bagels

I’m the sort of person that cannot stil to the same food every day because I just get so bored. Every so often I swap between cereals and toast for breakfast but recently I started having bagels and the cinnamon and raisin ones are just insanely good.



This photo of my sister and I at Go Ape is one of my favourite photos taken this month. I’m not sure what I love so much about it but it’s lovely. I love that the purple flowers give it some colour other than green and brown and I love that my sister and I are both in it as most of the photos were just one or the other of us crossing between the trees.

Song: 2002 Anne-Marie

I’m loving this song right now! It’s so summery and chilled out. Whenever it comes on the radio when I’m driving to or from work it just instantly makes me happy.

Event: London night out

The highlight of my month was a night out in London for my boyfriends brother and one of my close friends birthdays. I say night out – we actually started drinking at brunch at 2pm and just didn’t stop. I’m still amazed that I managed to navigate my way through London without getting lost when I was as drunk as I was! I wrote about it here.

Wildcard: Family

I know this is a bit of a silly thing to put in a favourites post but I’ve been really loving my family this month! We have had a few family get togethers and even a bbq where the whole family turned up and it’s just been so nice to spend time with everyone.

What was your favourite thing in May?

Love always,

Alice x


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