Birthdays, Boys and Brownies | Weekly Journal

Monday 4th June


Last night I spent a big of time preparing all of my MIL’s presents ready for her birthday. I laid them all out with her cards and sprinkled some Eiffel tower confetti everywhere! I woke up early for work and was pleased to see that the dog hadn’t munched through any gifts! When I went to work I had a nice day in the office, I also got a very exciting phone call from my boyfriend to tell me that the offer we had put in on a flat has been accepted! I plan to write a whole post to update on where we’re at with the house hunting, so expect that soon. It was very exciting, although it meant that all of the boring, grown up bits were coming soon! When I got home, we celebrated with a glass of Rose and we started watching the new season of Love Island! Who else is just so glad it’s back?

Throwback from my MIL’s birthday a couple of years ago!

Tuesday 5th June

I woke up at 4am to take my boyfriend to the airport, I don’t ever mind taking him but when I have to take him this early and then go into work for a full day, it’s rough! I eventually dropped him off for a week in San Sebastian, sunning himself, whilst I deal with all the grown up responsibilities! It was a pretty standard day at work even though I could barely keep my eyes open!

Wednesday 6th June

I went into work this morning to find a gift from one of my best friends. She got me a pair of socks, a kinder egg and a bracelet which matched hers. It was very sweet and for no reason which made it all the more thoughtful. I eventually made it through the work day and had a bit of time before our monthly meeting. My friend and I decided to go and get some bits to prepare for our brownie evening the following day. We managed to get everything we needed before we had to go back to work for the meeting.

Thursday 7th June

Happy Birthday Donald Duck! Another fairly standard day at work today, followed by a very exciting evening. At brownies, we decided to throw a birthday party for Donald duck, because how else do you celebrate such an important guy turning 80! It was actually so much fun, we had cake, games and party poppers and I loved it. I am already writing up a complete guide on how to throw the most fabulous Donald Duck themed party!

Friday 8th June

This was a lovely morning because I had no work so I got to wake up whenever I wanted before doing some washing, packing my bags, cleaning the room and heading off to pick up my friend. We were going to help at my old brownie group for their weekend camp. It’s always a fun weekend but it is so tiring! I picked up my friend and we drove to Cambridge and stopped at my mums house. I had planned to have a sort out of my things in the loft which I left when I moved to Essex but unfortunately, three other people have emptied their houses into my mums loft since I moved out so there was no chance of getting anywhere near my things! We gave up on that idea and just chilled out until my sister in law arrived. We headed off to the place we go for Brownie camp and in what seemed like no time at all, there were 26 exciting 7-9 year old girls ready for a weekend of fun!


Saturday 9th June

My boyfriend came home from Spain this day but unfortunately I did’t get to see him because I was still away with the brownies! We had loads of fun at brownie camp playing games, doing crafts and even roasting marshmallows on a campfire!


Sunday 10th June

The final day of camp was fun and I agreed with some of the girls that I would come to their leaving party since they were the last girls to leave who were my brownies when I used to run the pack with my mum. It was lovely to see everyone but I was so tired that it’s safe to say I was ready to go home! I eventually got home to see my boyfriend and he cooked me dinner which was great but I was so tired that it was all I could do to catch up on Love Island and fall into bed!

Love always,

Alice x


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