How to Throw the Ultimate Donald Duck Party

Donald Duck turned 80 this month!

It only seemed right to celebrate the occasion by throwing a party for the big duck himself. If you want to know how to throw the best Donald duck party – look no further!


I think one of the most important things about any party is the decor! Obviously you can go down the route of just buying a bunch of stuff with Donald ducks face on it but since we planned our party the night before we didn’t have time for that and I think it’s a little bit of an obvious way to go! We decided instead to go for a yellow and blue theme. We bought blue table clothes, yellow cups and plates and a big yellow bow to put in the middle of the table. We blew up loads of yellow and blue balloons to throw about and we also got a couple of 80th birthday banners to put on the door so people knew they were entering a party zone! Obviously if we had more time to organise we could have gone all out with a photo background, banners, streamers, helium balloons and the works!


A party isn’t a party without favours! Our party was a brownie event so we couldn’t spend too much money on it buying party bags like I would have loved to do so instead we bought a rubber duck for each girl to take home. If the funds weren’t so limited it would have been nice to do a little party bag with rubbers ducks, some sweets, a little Donald badge and perhaps a little notebook and pen. The girls were still pretty happy with their rubber ducks which we doubled up to use for a game!


We started off by decorating Donald duck masks which are really easy to print out and just put some elastic onto, it was a pretty basic activity but sometimes the girls like something a bit easier because it means they have more chance to chat.

Next we blindfolded them and played a game of pin the beak on the duck. Again this was a really easy one, we printed two pictures of Donald duck, stuck one up on the wall, cut out the beak on the second one and stuck some blue tack to it.

The final game we played was a fishing game where I blindfolded each girl, one at a time and put all of the rubber ducks in a bowl of water. They were given a spoon to try and fish out a duck. They actually did quite well and it meant that there were no arguments over who got which rubber duck because they just kept the one which they fished out in the game!


We decided not to do food at our party (most of the girls have dinner before they come to brownies) but we did of course have a birthday cake. Unfortunately we couldn’t find one in-keeping with our theme so we just got a chocolatey one and lit candles to sing happy birthday! It was great fun and they all got to take a slice of cake home with them.

If we had done food we could have done some sandwiches cut out with a duck cutter, Pringles to look like duck beaks, cupcakes with blue and yellow icing, duck shaped cookies and of course all of the standard party foods!

What would be your must have at Donald Duck’s birthday party?

Love always,

Alice x


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