Running, Ikea and a Fathers day BBQ | Journal

Monday 11th June

Monday was such a boring day as Mondays so often are – I sorted out my bags from the weekend and tried to get things sorted out! My boyfriend cooked us a yummy dinner and I posted a photo from my trip to Africa on Instagram which got quite a lot of likes!

Tuesday 12th June 

This was another fairly boring day just being at work, I did make lots of fathers day cards with the children which were fun to do though! After I got home, my boyfriend asked if I wanted to go for a Chinese with him and his dad. Of course, I agreed because who can say no to a Chinese for dinner? Certainly not me!

Wednesday 13th June 

I got home from work today and my boyfriend and I decided to quit moaning about how unhealthy and lazy we were and make a change. We got ourselves ready and we went for a run. It was a pretty shocking attempt and there was a lot of stopping but you have to start somewhere, right!


Thursday 14th June

Thursday is brownies night and since its almost fathers day, we made keyrings, decorated boxes and made cards for the girl’s dads. My friend, who I do brownies with, and I decided to make each other key rings and she made me one of a car saying ‘Alice’s taxi service!’

Friday 15th June

Another run after work today, we did slightly better than the last one with fewer stops this time. When we got back from our run we decided to cook a yummy vegetarian curry and we sat down at the table together to eat it. I love sitting at the table to eat dinner rather than sitting on the sofa so that is definitely something that I can’t wait to start doing when we get our flat.

Saturday 16th June

I started the day off with a lay-in and catching up on some blog posts before I got a call from my brother. My brother and his wife never make plans with me, they just ring me up and say ‘we’re on our way – get ready!’ We went to Ikea as they are buying a new house at the same time as we are buying our first flat so we decided we could look for inspiration. It was really fun and a good chance to catch up with them and my little sister. When I got home I caught up on Ru Pauls drag race – I am loving this most recent season, the queens are FIERCE!

Sunday 17th June


My dad arranged a little BBQ at his house for fathers day but it wasn’t until later in the afternoon so when I woke up, I spent a bit of time getting ready and then I headed up to Cambridge. My brother and sister in law wanted to get Nando’s so we did that before we went which was good because I always struggle to eat at a BBQ! I decided to wear a new outfit for this day and I loved it so much! It’s always a good day when you’re wearing a fabulous outfit!

Love always, 

Alice x


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