Top 5 Travel Essentials

When I was a child, I didn’t really travel that much – our family holidays were most likely at our granddad’s caravan at Great Yarmouth. Don’t get me wrong, it was always lots of fun and I have some of the best memories from those trips but I just didn’t have much experience with traveling. More recently I have had some amazing opportunities to travel to a bunch of different places from Paris to Prague to Berlin! I have finally worked out a good system of what I will need since I usually travel with just hand luggage. If you’re interested to know what I took to Copenhagen you can check out what was in my bag here.

1. Travel adapters

The first thing that you cannot travel without is plug adapters! We are in a complete technological age and I┬ádon’t know about anyone else but I certainly couldn’t function without my phone. I use my phone to chat with my family, share funny pictures with friends, write down all my thoughts and ideas, to organise my diary, take photos and capture memories. This all being said, I can’t let my phone die so it’s so important to make sure that I always have a plug adapter (and of course my phone charger) with me so that I can stay connected. I tend to take a couple because I have been caught out before where one of my plugs hasn’t worked!

2. Netflix downloads

I’m really not a big fan of flying so something that I really like to have when I travel is some TV shows or movies downloaded on Netflix. It’s really easy to download films if you have the Netflix app and it’s such a great way to pass the time or take your mind off the flight.

3. Travel space saver bags

This is quite a recent discovery but I won’t ever travel without them again! I found some travel space saver bags in T.K.Maxx just before my trip to Copenhagen and I figured I might as well give them a go! I didn’t use them for the way there because I didn’t want to crumple my clothes but when we came home, I put all of my dirty clothes into one of these bags. I pushed all the air out of the bag and it meant that all my dirty clothes were in one place and it gave me a little bit of extra space to put the things that I had bought whilst I was away!

4. Mints or chewing gum

Ever since my first flight, I have made sure that I have some mints or chewing gum handy in my bag to chew on the flight. They’re great for helping to combat popped ears and to keep a nervous mouth busy. I think it’s a complete placebo effect but it really calms my nerves to have a mint – plus of course, if you’re traveling for a long time it’s great to get that fresh breath!

5. Cleansing wipes

The final thing that I will not travel without is cleansing wipes. I absolutely love them to refresh yourself on and after your flight and they tend to help cool you down if you’re in a hotter country. I tend to book early morning flights which means I don’t always have time to deal with any sort of skincare before I leave. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if you weren’t getting on a plane which is just a hotbox of germs and bacteria so it’s definitely important to try and keep your skin clean so that you don’t end up with a breakout on your holiday!

These are my five travel essentials, what can you not travel without?

Love always,

Alice x

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