How to Daily Journal

For the longest time I have wanted to daily journal and I’ve tried a million and one things but it’s never really worked out until this year. I started journaling at the end of last year and have managed to do it every day since! Having tried and failed a million times before I know how hard it is so I decided to put together my three best tips to get your journal filled out each day.

1. Keep your journal by your bed

I like to fill my journal in each evening before I go to sleep so I make sure that my journal is always right next to my bed so that I can see it. I have noticed that if it’s not by my bed, for example, if I’ve left it in my bag from a trip, I won’t fill it in because I’m not reminded by seeing it!

2. Use a dated journal

I got given my journal as a Christmas present and I really like it because it has a box for each day which makes it easier to see my progress. My journal is also really nice because it has questions and inspirational quotes spread throughout the pages to keep you motivated to turn the pages! I like being able to see the book fill up as I write in it which is why I would definitely continue to use a dated journal in the future.

3. Keep it simple

When I have tried journaling in the past, I have tried to write about my whole day, what I did and how I felt and it’s just such a big task. I think the thing that worked so well about my new journal is that I keep it very simple. I give myself three bullet points to write the three most notable parts of my day. I also try to keep them very positive so that when I look back I can think about how much I achieved and what a good time I had rather than how shitty I was feeling!

Do you keep a journal? How do you stick to it?

Love always,

Alice x


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