Making a house a home | Our new home

Happy 1st October!

I am so happy to be back to writing and, of course, back to autumn. Autumn and Winter are my all time favourite seasons. I absolutely love the cold crisp mornings where you get to wrap up toasty, cuddling up with a hot chocolate after a long bubble bath, the all around Christmas cheer and all of those cosy vibes.

Hopefully you have seen my post ‘our biggest adventure yet,’ where I spoke all about the process of finding and buying your first home. If you haven’t, check that out for some perspective, if you have – it’s time to see our biggest adventure and all of the little touches that, for us, make a house a home.


The kitchen in our flat had literally just been refurbished before we bought it which meant we had a brand new oven, all new cupboards and a new floor. Really we could have left this room exactly as was but of course I had to change something to make it my own. We decided to lift up the black and white Lino flooring which I wasn’t completely sold on and replace it with some black marble vinyl tiles. We also repainted the magnolia walls white and added a dark grey paint to the grouting of the splash back tiles to give it a little bit more character.


I decided to keep everything in the kitchen very modern with all of our dry foods in glass jars with chalkboard labels, lots of funky mugs and glasses, copper cutlery and grey plates. I am really happy with how everything is looking and I can’t wait to add to the kitchen as we continue to live here. One thing which I have recently added and really love is the little herb garden on our windowsill. I have never kept a plant alive (I have even managed to kill four cacti) so it’s going to be a challenge but I can’t wait to mother my green babies!



The bathroom we have has been a bit of a challenge. Unfortunately we don’t have a shower and having spoken to a plumber, it doesn’t look like we can have a shower. It’s fine in the winter because nothing beats a warm, bubbly bath but I’m not sure how much I am looking forward to the hot summers.


In the bathroom I did mostly the same as the kitchen – I repainted the magnolia walls with white bathroom paint and I replaced the old Lino floor with new black marble vinyl tiles. One of the first things we did was to replace the toilet seat with a white wooden toilet seat which I really like but I’m not 100% sure how it goes with the very traditional ‘avocado’ bathroom suite. I repainted the bath panel on the side (although I actually got my sister to do it and it’s far from neat!) and I repainted the dark brown tiles with some white tile paint. We added a white wooden storage unit under the sink, a bright bath math and a basket to keep all of our bath products handy. I’m really happy with the bathroom and even though it’s the only room without a window I still feel like it’s bright and not too dull.


Another room, another repainting of magnolia. In the bedroom we decided to change things up a bit, we still painted the walls white but we decided to paint the back wall, which the bed sits against, a dark grey. I really love how it looks with our white bed frame against it and I feel like it adds some depth to the room. Our bedroom has a beautiful big window which stops it from feeling too dark and boxed in.


In the bedroom we laid a light grey laminate flooring and turned a storage cupboard into a built in wardrobe. We added a big white chest of drawers to keep all of our clothes and a few yellow accents to keep the theme running through our whole home.

Living room

The living room is the biggest room in the flat and it has the most beautiful view across lots of big fields and, on a clear day, you can spot canary wharf out of the window. I am really happy with the living room where we painted all of the walls white and we laid the same grey flooring as in the bedroom.


We have bought a grey sofa which we are using as a divider in the room, on one side we have an ikea TV unit with storage and a small open coffee table. We also added a drinks trolley, a grey floor lamp for atmospheric lighting, a big green plant and a basket of blankets to really up the hygge. On the other side of the room we have a desk, book shelves and some more storage.


Over all I am so happy with our home and I cannot wait to continue to add to it and make it completely ours. If you want to see more of our journey or more photos of our finished home, follow me on Instagram @adventuringasalice

What is your favourite part about your home? 

Love always,

Alice x


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