Autumn Bucket List | 2018

As if it’s already time to be posting my autumn bucket list! I know I did one last year but I really enjoyed ticking off all of the fun seasonal activities so I have decided to do another one this year. Not only am I going to share what I would like to do this autumn, I am also going to look back at last years bucket list and see how far I got with it!

Autumn Bucket List – 2017

  1. Have a pumpkin spice latè – I’m not sure why I added this to the list apart from because I wanted an Instagram photo in my cosy scarf drinking a PSL. I’m really not a coffee fan, I much prefer hot chocolate so I don’t think I will be adding this to the list this year!
  2. Watch a spooky movie – I don’t know if you can call Disney movies spooky but if you can then I ticked this off for sure! I will definitely have this on my list this year, not only do I want to watch the classics I would also like to watch one that I have never seen before.
  3. Bake fresh bread – I never did get around to doing this last year but now that I have my own home and, of course, my own kitchen, I think theres a far higher chance of this happening this year!
  4. Drink hot chocolate under the stars – I actually don’t think I ever got around to this and since I have bought a flat without my own balcony or garden, I doubt this will be achieved this year either.
  5. Bake an apple crumble – like the bread, I never got around to this but I am excited to give it a go in my very own kitchen!
  6. Donate to charity – as I mentioned when I review this list, I did make some charity donations but I am still very interested in finding an organisation which would distribute gift bags for women and children in need. Please get in touch if you know any charity like this.
  7. Take photos in the leaves – I need to get my boyfriend on board for a little autumn photo shoot in the leaves.. Keep an eye on my Instagram to see if I actually manage to get around to it this year!
  8. Make an autumn wreath – I am so gutted that I didn’t get around to this but since I didn’t have my own house, I don’t know what I would have done with it! My sister is coming to visit soon so I might get her involved in making a wreath for the door!
  9. Go apple picking – I never got around to this but I might research local apple orchards before I make an apple crumble.
  10. Burn candles – I did manage to get through a few candles last year and I can’t wait to keep burning through my stash to make more room this year!
  11. Make pumpkin soup – I did actually make a pumpkin soup last year, it wasn’t the best but it really wasn’t that bad and I’m so excited to give it another try this year!
  12. Carve a pumpkin – is it really Halloween if you’re not carving a pumpkin? I was so proud of my cinderella’s carriage pumpkin last year that I can’t wait to choose a design for this year!
  13. Go camping – I managed to do this one again but it was so cold! I don’t think we are planning a camping trip this year but instead we are going to go for a warmer night in with some take out and drinks!
  14. Take sparkler photos – I am going to make an effort to get some better photos this year because my boyfriend actually knows how to take a photo unlike me!
  15. Make smores – this one is high up on my to do list this year, I might have to wait until I go back to my mums so we can use the fire pit in the garden..
  16. Cook thanksgiving dinner – Again, since I didn’t have my own home, this didn’t happen but I definitely plan to get around to it this year!
  17. Wear a cosy scarf – I hope I never go through a year without getting this ticket off my list!
  18. Send gratitude cards – I wrote a post about these cards and it was lots of fun to make and send some special cards to tell people how special they are to me.

I had lots of fun trying to tick everything off my list last year but I cannot wait to get through this years bucket list!


What’s on your autumn bucket list?

Love always,

Alice x


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