5 Easy Halloween Costumes | Lifestyle

I was recently looking through some of my old posts for inspiration because I want to get a bit more into planning out my blog posts (will this be another thing I say and then I ghost on this blog for two months? Who knows, I hope not!) I came across one of the posts I did last October with couples costume ideas for halloween and I thought why not write about 5 of the easiest costumes which you can do on your own or as a group!

1. Luke Danes and Loralai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)


This costume was a great couples choice because it required literally no preparation. We were told about this fancy dress contest on a group holiday the week before which also happened to be the week we got the keys to our flat. We decided to keep it super basic and go as these two. I wore a dress I already owned and a denim jacket and my boyfriend wore a classic Luke outfit – flannel shirt and backwards baseball cap. The only thing we did buy was a Luke’s mug just because we felt like it was a better clue as to who we were!

2. Prince and princess 


This was another last minute costume with the theme “royalty” so we decided to keep it super simple and dress smart (a suit for him and a formal dress for me) and add a crown and a tiara to give a nod to royalty.

3. Cowboy and Spiders web


It would seem that we smash it when it comes to simple outfits! For this halloween party Tom was a cowboy – so easy to do with jeans, a checked shirt and a hat. I decided to go a bit more out there and dress as a spiders web. It was so easy – I wore grey, wrapped a couple of those pound shop cobweb decorations around myself and dress a spiders web on my face with an eyeliner!

4. Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee


I’m not going to lie, this one did take a bit more preparation but it was still pretty easy! My sister in law and I bought matching stripy tops, did a bit of DIY on a red cap, found red trousers in a charity shop and we made our braces out of ribbon. For the collar and bow ties we cut up an old pillow case and a pocket square. These outfits cost less than £10 to make and I’m still pretty impressed with these!

5. Hermione and Professor Tawney 


Again, this costume required just a bit more preparation but really not that much. For professor Tawney, just chuck on pretty much every cardigan and necklace you own, back comb your hair to the gods and shove on a bandana. For Hermione (when she drinks the polyjuice potion and turns into a cat) you need a tonne of black face paint, try to brush it on like cat hair, throw on some cat ears and school uniform (white shirt, grey jumper, skirt and tie) and you’re good to go!

These are my favourite costumes from the past few years! If you decide to try any of them share them on Instagram with the #adventuringasalice so I can see! What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?

Love always,

Alice x



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