Autumn Home Makeover

I have had so much fun moving into my new home and, of course, I am so excited for Christmas and all of the fun festive decorations that come with that. Unfortunately – or fortunately depending on your point of view – I couldn’t wait until Christmas to get into the seasonal spirit so I decided to go out there with my autumnal decor!


I started simple by taking a few polaroids when I went pumpkin picking to put in these little concrete photo holders! I know they’re not perfect and I still have such a lot to learn when it comes to instant photography but I really like them and can’t wait to change these photos with the seasons. These photo holders were ¬£7 for the pack of three from Sainsbury.


On my TV stand I decided to put three little pumpkins from the pumpkin picking trip and I also put a little death eaters mug full of halloween chocolate lollies because I thought they would be good for the trick or treaters, although we won’t get any trick or treaters because we live in a block of flats which you need a key to get into! The death eaters mug is from the Harry Potter Studios tour.


I decided to arrange a few different types of pumpkins on my blanket basket next to my plant because it was an empty space which was just calling out for some autumnal vegetables!


This corner is one that I am pretty happy with, I know it’s a bit more halloween than autumn but it’s cute! I got the hanging decoration from Aldi and the pumpkins I picked at the pumpkin farm!

I have already added a couple of touches such as a black rose in a milk bottle in the bedroom and a ‘spooky’ sign on the door. I am really enjoying adding these little decorations and I can’t wait to add more! If you have any suggestions of where to look for more, let me know! Share your autumn decor on Instagram with the #adventuringasalice so I can see them all!

Love always,

Alice x


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