18 before 2018 | Review

Inspired by my recent post to talk about the goals I have set to achieve before the end of the year, I thought I would review my goals from last year. In October 2017 I wrote a post about the things that I wanted to achieve before the year end so since it has been a year since I wrote that post I decided to look and see what I did manage to achieve.

  1. Move out – I managed to do this one! Not before the start of 2018 but I did still get there! I love our home and I’m really enjoying making it our own.
  2. Start (and maintain) a gratitude journal – As I mentioned in this years post, I did actually achieve this goal up until recently when we moved and I lost the journal but I am going to get back into it!
  3. Work on my handwriting – I didn’t manage this one and its on my list again this year but I will for sure work on it!
  4. Experiment more with makeup – I did actually have a go with this one and I enjoyed trying a few more different looks however I think I wasn’t cut out for make up.. I will just stick to my standard eyebrow powder, mascara and vaseline!
  5. Complete the Disney classics list – This is another one that I’m working on but I’m so nearly finished so it’s on my list to get done before the end of this year!
  6. Decorate for Halloween – I did this one last year and this year. I have a whole flat to decorate this year so I went to town with pumpkins, banners and photos. I really enjoyed decorating and have been sharing some pictures on my Instagram (@adventuring_as_alice)
  7. Read at least 5 more books – I did manage to read a few more books. It’s always easier to read in the winter for me because then I can cuddle up with a book and a blanket!
  8. Visit a new city – I didn’t visit a new city in the last three months of 2017 but I did revisit a few that I have visited before and I booked a trip to Brighton for the next year.
  9. Send gratitude cards – I made gratitude cards which I wrote a post about and it was a great way to thank some of the special people in my life.
  10. Get more consistent with planning – I did try this one but I just haven’t managed to get back into the swing of it. I am going to keep working on it though.
  11. Burn at least 2 candles – I definitely managed this one. I love lighting candles and I loved burning through the lovely Christmas scents.
  12. Reach 100 followers on my blog and Instagram – I did manage this but just not in 2017. I managed to get 100 followers on Instagram in 2018 and I am still working on building up my blog follower count if anyone fancies helping me out with a follow or a share!
  13. Write thank you cards for every Christmas gift – I did this for more of them but am going to work harder to make sure I do it for everyone this year.
  14. Donate to a women’s charity – I have been doing various charity donations and have contacted a few womens charities to donate gift bags like I mentioned in the original post but I haven’t heard anything back.
  15. Clean out the car! – I did this one and then I made a mess again so I should probably try and do it more regularly than once a year!
  16. Do Blogmas! – I did give this one a good go but I think I made it about half way through when I gave up. I am considering trying it again this year. I will have to make up my mind soon though because if I’m going to write a post for every day of December then I need to get prepared soon.
  17. Have a proper clear out! – With moving came then chance to do this properly. I managed to get rid of a lot of stuff and have tried to only keep things that I need or really use.
  18. Double my current savings – The last thing I aimed to achieve was to double my savings. I managed to do this but since we bought our first home, those savings are back done to nil!

Did you have any goals that you wanted to achieve last year?

Share your goals on Instagram using #adventuringasalice

Love always,

Alice x


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