My Christmas List | 2018

Can you believe it’s now less than a month to go until Christmas? I sure can’t! One of my favourite things to do in the run up to Christmas is to write down my Christmas list and work out what I would like for Christmas. As I’ve gotten older my list has been getting shorter and a whole lot more practical! Last year the top two things on my list were a new electric toothbrush and a slow cooker! This year I thought I would share my list with you – it’s only short but I do like a surprise at Christmas. 

  • Cordially invited by Zoe Sugg – I have seen this book everywhere on Instagram and I know I’m late to the party but it just wasn’t an essential and with a mortgage and a puppy to pay for I didn’t get around to buying it. I am really hoping that someone has picked this up for me because I can’t wait to flick through the book! 
  • White converse – I already have a pair of white converse but they are absolutely trashed so I would love a new pair which I can keep properly white this time! 
  • Grey and white bedding – since we moved into our flat we have been buying lots of new things to fit in with our colour scheme (grey, white and mustard yellow) and I really wanted to get some new bedding but since we already have plenty of good bedding it seemed silly to go out and buy a new set for the sake of it so I thought I would add it to my Christmas list instead. 
  • Butter dish – I absolutely LOVE butter dishes and I think they are so nice to have for when guests come over because, basically, it makes me look like a grown up! I have been after one for a while now but, yet again, it’s not an essential so I haven’t picked one up but I would love to get one for Christmas.
  • Pyjamas – these are always on my Christmas list, even though I have so many pairs! My boyfriend usually gives me new pyjamas on Christmas eve so we can snuggle up and watch a Christmas film and I’m hoping that this year is no different! 

This is everything that I am really hoping to find under the tree this year, what will you be looking for? If you want to see more Christmas content, don’t forget to subscribe as I am planning to take part in Blogmas where I post every day of December! 

Love always,
Alice x


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