A Final Hurrah to 2018! | Life

I just logged onto my blog to write this post and noticed that I only ever got as far as day one of Blogmas. It’s so bad that it’s almost funny, made only funnier by the fact I actually had 13 blog posts written and saved just waiting for photos and final checks before I posted them for Blogmas. I guess they will stay in my drafts until next year when we will try for a third time! One day I will do it.

I decided that I wanted to write a final post of 2018 and what better to write than a look back through my year. I have a framed quote in my hallway which says “Only ever look back to see how far you’ve come.” I have to say it’s something I agree with so much! If I look back I could remember all the shitty days, the arguments and the down points but instead I want to look back and remember all of the happy memories and the things I have overcome.


I started January off with a trip to the theatre. I really like to get people tickets or arrange trips for their gifts because I think I really don’t make enough time to spend with the people I love. I decided to get my sister-in-law tickets to go and see Matilda at the theatre but unfortunately she ended up being ill and the tickets were non-refundable so I went with my boyfriend instead. It was great fun and it was the first time that we had been to the theatre together!

I also spent a weekend in Brighton with my boyfriend because we thought it would be good to get away to break up the long month of January! It was a brilliant idea and we stayed in a lovely air bnb and also had one of the best meals of our relationship (the food was insanely good but it was also just so nice to sit, chat and forget about everything!)


We had an amazing valentines day in February, some years we go all out and some years we just don’t bother. This year we went all out and my boyfriend took me to London for an Aladdin themed afternoon tea! It was so much fun and the food was YUMMY!

I also went to my first drag show in February. The museum where my boyfriend works put on events and they have a lot of events focused on LGBTQ and being who you want to be. One of the events they put on was a drag show and it was so much fun! I absolutely loved it and we had a great time.


March is my birthday month so it’s always lots of fun! I decided to get my hair cut for the first time in four years so it was quite a big change for me!

I spent my birthday in London with my favourite person, he organised such a fun day for me. We ate cakes, drank hot chocolates and visited the sky garden, it was so much fun! I wrote a blog post about my birthday!

In March it’s also my little sisters birthday so I decided to plan her a surprise party! It was actually supposed to be a garden party but the March weather put pay to that so we did it indoors but it was so much fun! I was really happy with how everything turned out and she had a great time too!


In April my boyfriend and I went on an old fashioned steam train! I had so much fun pretending I was in Harry Potter and we absolutely loved it!

My brother got a dog in April so I had a great time getting to know him and taking my auntie duties very seriously! He’s a huge Rottweiller but he is the softest dog I’ve ever met and he is so kind.

At the end of April, Tom and I travelled to Copenhagen. He has been before and loves it there but it was my first time visiting. We stayed in another air BnB and we had such a good time. I probably say this about all of our trips but I think it was one of the best trips we did. I wrote two blog posts about Copenhagen, one about what I took and one about what I wore.


In may I got fully into the royal wedding and celebrated at work by dressing up like princesses! It was so much fun and I loved watching the wedding even though I really didn’t expect to be so into it!

Apart from the party, my birthday gift to my sister was to spend a day together each month doing something different. In may we went to Go Ape and did a treetop adventure! It was so much fun and my boyfriend came along too so we got some awesome photos!


When we were younger we used to take a lot of family holidays to Hemsby and Great Yarmouth so we decided to take a family trip back their only this time our family has doubled in size! It was so much fun to play on the beach, eat ice cream, play in the arcades and win at prize bingo!


My brother and sister-in-law moved into their new house in July so it was lots of fun to visit and check out their new digs. I can only hope that one day I will have a house as nice as theirs, they are so lucky and it’s so nice to watch them make it their home!


August was a great month, I spent a weekend in Dublin with one of my best friends, the weekend was absolutely full of laughs and adventures and I loved exploring the city!

My mum and I both got new tattoos which I love although there was some pretty bad traffic and I ended up driving for four hours to get home (it’s usually only a 1 hour drive!)

We bought our first home! This is probably one of our biggest achievements in 2018 and although it’s only a little flat, it’s our home and we own it. I am so proud of us and I have loved decorating and making it our own. It’s nice to be a part of the homeowners club although I could do without the constant stress and worry that things have gone wrong!


In September we spent a really fun weekend in Abersoch. It was my first time in Wales and Tom’s dad booked a big house which was so much fun, we had a great time eating everything, drinking and laughing!

September was also a month full of getting everything in the flat ready for us to move in and moving in!


October was a really fun month, I decorated the flat for Halloween, went pumpkin picking with my sister and went to a really funny Halloween party at my brothers!

Tom also took me to a Harry Potter themed afternoon tea which was so much fun! We love a themed afternoon tea and I just can’t get enough of the tiny little, yummy treats!


In November we got our puppy! Apart from buying a flat, this was one of the best things to happen this year! I bought her as a surprise for Tom, she was his Christmas present although I got her early because I wanted to give her time to settle in before we travelled around all of our families at Christmas!


December has just been such a fun month of being a little family of three, getting our first real Christmas tree and generally just loving the festivities!

What are your top three from 2018? Mine would definitely have to be buying a flat, getting a puppy and going to Copenhagen!

Love always,
Alice x


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