Hello 2019

Well, if you saw my post yesterday then you will know that I’ve looked back and said goodbye to 2018. With that, I have to now look forward and say hello to 2019. 

I had no plans for how I wanted to see the new year in. My boyfriend has to work today so we definitely weren’t planning to go out and, to be honest, we weren’t even sure if we would manage to stay awake until midnight! As it happens, we did manage to stay awake but only because we ended up spending the evening in the vets. Our little pup hasn’t been very well for a couple of days but we thought it might have just been the excitement of Christmas catching up with her! Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and now she has got antibiotics, ear drops and another medicine! She seems okay, just very sleepy but hopefully these medicines will get her back to her happy, playful self! It might not have been the way I had wanted to start my new year but I did start the year with my little family which is all I could have asked for! 

This year I want to set myself five goals, I am really hoping to achieve them this year and I plan to really take this year to develop myself and improve my life and in turn I’d like to help others in any way that I can.

Focus on my Blog and Instagram

I feel like this has been my goal ever since I started this blog but I really want to focus on this over the next year. It’s something I love to do, I love the escape of writing and with our home and our puppy theres so much going on that I do really struggle to focus sometimes. That being said, I need to focus on my blog and my Instagram because it does make me happy when I do it!

Make the flat a proper home

Since we bought the flat I have spent a lot of time and money decorating it and making it our own. I love our flat but I really need to make it a home because at the moment we have nothing of ourselves in here. I really want to spend some time adding more personal touches to the flat and by next Christmas I can’t wait to look around and see a lot more of ourselves.

Keep up with my Journal

I started a journal last new year and I wrote in it every day until I bought my flat and then I just got side tracked and didn’t remember to write in it every day. Since then it’s been a bit empty so I have started a new journal which I got for Christmas and I can’t wait to keep up with writing in it every day. I do love when I keep a journal because it’s so nice to look back and see what I’ve got up to in the past.

Walk at least once a day with puppy

I have always really enjoyed walking but I find it really hard to walk on my own because theres no motivation for it. Now that we have the puppy, I can’t wait to get walking into our daily routine. It’s so nice to just get out and let the outdoors clear your mind and if you’ve got a cute little puppy by your side, how could it get any better!

Be happy

My final goal is a pretty broad one but I just want to be happy. I want to look at the choices I’m making and make sure that I’m making the choices that are going to make me happy. Sometimes that may mean disappointing someone else or not doing something that I might be expected to do but I think it’s really important to focus on your own happiness sometimes.

What’s your biggest goal of 2019?

Love always, Alice x


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