Happy anniversary from wordpress

I mean let’s not kid anyone here.. I haven’t logged on here for a hot minute. Or a cold minute, or even a tepid minute. It is my dream to be a blogger or a writer or any kind of job which encompasses my love to write. You wouldn’t know it because I never seem to do it, but writing just gives me those happy feels. I remember watching the perfect man as a young teen and just falling in love with the way Hillary Duff tip tapped on her keyboard. Why is it then, every time I get into any kind of swing with blogging, do I stop and run for the hills? When I say hills, I of course mean the big white hills at the top of my bed where I lay my head each night. Pillows – I mean pillows.

This, right here, is why I am a terrible blogger. Well, it’s not the whole reason, but it’s a damn good start. I cannot deal with the pressure that seems to come with blogging. The milestones of how long you’ve been writing don’t seem to tie up with what you’ve achieved. I don’t know why I let myself get all caught up in it but somehow I do. I don’t want to make any commitments to blogging again but for now, here’s a post.

If you prefer more regular updates, follow me on Instagram @alicerpercival_ where I actually post from time to time.

This isn’t an excuse (well, actually it is) more just an explanation. I hope that I can get back into blogging, but since I don’t want to put pressure on myself, who knows. This could be the start of something new or this could be another post full of false promises and lazy plans.

Whatever it turns out to be, it’s good to see you again.

Love, Alice x

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