Charity Shop Haul

I try to set myself goals a lot – I don’t always live up to my goals but it’s good to try. For October, my goal was to not buy any new clothes. Since starting a job where I get to wear my own clothes, I’ve definitely noticed a sudden influx of pieces being added to my wardrobe. Whilst it’s great fun buying clothes, I am becoming all to aware of the environmental impact of that habit. I decided for October that if I did decide that I needed new clothes, I would shop preloved. I also can’t resist a bargain so it’s great fun hunting through the rails for new pieces at a crazy good price!


Sense was the first charity shop I went in and I was pretty happy with what I found! First up I picked up a plain grey dress which was £4! It was originally from Topshop so it’s a great deal and it’s an easy to style piece which you can’t go wrong with.

Also in Sense I spotted a green top which I love! I’m definitely going more out there with colours in my wardrobe, I actually think I own more colour than I own monotone now! I’m loving it so I was pretty instantly drawn to this top. It was originally from Quiz and was only £4.50. It’s slightly cropped but there’s no belly out if you wear a pair of slightly higher waisted trousers.

My final purchase in Sense was some cute Christmas cards. I know that Christmas cards are such a waste of money and most people are going without them now but I just love them, I love writing them, I love posting them and most of all I love choosing them! Normally I would spend ages in Paperchase picking my favourites, but this year I decided if I really have to send cards, I should buy them from charity shops and make sure that there’s something positive happening from my wasteful indulgence!


One of the things that I was looking for on this shopping trip (which I didn’t really find a lot of!) was big jumpers to wear over leggings. I’m quite lucky in that my work don’t have a formal dress code and we can wear whatever we want. As it gets colder and darker in the mornings, for me that means cosy casuals! I love pairing a big cosy jumper with leggings. If you really have to be at work, you might as well not be uncomfortable in jeans! I did find this one jumper which I quite like. It was originally from River Island and was £4.99 in Oxfam. It is a little bit too big – especially in the sleeves but I’m not too bothered by rolling the sleeves up a bit. I’d rather it be big and snuggly!

In Oxfam I also picked up these super cute train Christmas cards. The Polar express is one of my absolute favourite Christmas films so I always love train themed festivities!

Cancer Research UK

The final charity shop I bought anything from was Cancer research UK. First I picked up these adorable puppy Christmas cards which I just love!

As I was heading to the till with my cards, I spotted this white shirt which I’m not fully convinced on but I couldn’t leave for just £3.50! I’m not sure of the brand because it has no label in but there’s something about this shirt that got me! I have no idea where I will wear it but it’s oversized and super comfy but also looks a little more like I’ve made some kind of effort!

That’s it for my charity shop finds – what’s your best preloved purchase? Check out my Instagram for photos of me wearing these pieces!

Love, Alice x


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