Houghton Mill | National Trust Days Out

A while back on my birthday, before lockdown, my brother, sister-in-law, my partner and our two dogs all went for a really nice walk at Wicken Fen and we decided to sign up as national trust members because basically we only had to go a couple of times to make back our money, there’s a lot of dog friendly places and we thought it would be nice once we have a baby to have lots of free places to go. All those reasons, and because the guy asked us three times and we are not good at saying no.

Obviously, we didn’t get out to any places at all because lockdown then came around so now they are back open and we can enjoy the outdoors again, we are trying to make sure we make the most of our membership and get our money’s worth!

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Houghton Mill, there are some lovely walks, really nice places to stop for a break and you can also explore the village (whilst you park for free as a national trust member) which is so lovely and very picturesque.

At the moment, you do have to book tickets in advance to visit any national trust venue and they seem to book up quite quickly so definitely plan ahead if there’s somewhere you want to go! It’s a fairly stress free system though, they email you the ticket, when you get there you tell them your name, they find you on the list, ask to check your membership card and then off you go.

We had booked an afternoon slot so it was fairly busy when we went but once you got onto the actual walk it wasn’t too bad and you were still able to keep your distance the whole time.

We enjoyed looking at the mill and the boats on the canal (I think it was a canal, I’m never sure how you tell what’s a canal and what’s a river) and walking in the fields. We also took a walk around the village but it was super busy given that it was a really sunny day and the pubs had just reopened. It was such a shame because there were cars parked everywhere all over the beautiful streets but we did manage to get a few car free photos! I imagine the people living in such pretty houses are quite used to seeing people out their windows taking photos and posing but it still felt a bit weird…

For us it turned out to be a completely free afternoon out (bar the cost of petrol to get there) as we had eaten lunch before we went and took our own drinks and snacks. Since I’ve gotten pregnant, I never leave the house without drinks and snacks because you just never know when you’re going to need them, for me, it’s most of the time. We were going to buy an ice cream from the village shop but there was a massive queue so we didn’t bother.

We had a really nice time and I would definitely like to go back again some time.

Are you a national trust member? Which is your favourite national trust day out?

Love, Alice and bump x


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