TK Maxx Haul | August 2020

Can you believe it’s August? I feel like this year has really been dragging but all of a Sudden it’s August!

I’ve been having a lazy day today but I did have to go to the vets to pick up some allergy tablets for my dog, Winnie, so I decided to pop into the TK Maxx which is nearby and see what I could find.

I went in looking for some clothes that would actually cover my growing bump and specifically something to wear for a family BBQ.

The first thing I found was a plain white t-shirt, it’s very thin which is great for the hot weather, not so great if you’re wearing a black bra underneath but that’s easily fixed! It’s also quite stretchy which is good for the bump and it worked quite well to tie in a knot above high waisted shorts. The top is originally from Active Basic which isn’t a brand I’ve heard of but appears to be an American brand. I’m not sure what the RRP was but I paid £4.99 and it was a size large.

Next, I picked up these white pyjama shorts. Since I’ve been working from home and I’ve been growing this baby, I’ve pretty much lived in pyjamas. I found these in the sale section for £4. I got them in a size 16 and they don’t fit amazingly because I can’t pull them up high enough on my belly but they are comfy so that works for me. The material is super thin and lightweight so they should be good for the summer! They are originally from cyber jammies and I managed to find them on their website for £7. I hadn’t intended on Winnie being in this photo but she was watching me take the photos and came and sat herself down next to me!

The final clothing piece I picked up was this long yellow summer dress. It’s not quite maxi but is a bit longer than midi. It’s a really stretchy fabric and I think it will probably fit for quite a while as my bump keeps getting bigger. It’s originally from Stradivarius and I paid £7.99 but I’m not sure what the RRP was. I really like the colour of this and think it will be a great summer dress.

Whilst I was there, I also thought I would have a little look in the baby section because I just can’t resist and I picked up two things. First, a pack of dribble bibs which came with a bow from Lila and Jack. It was £4.99 for three dribble bibs and a headband. I’m not sure that I will use the headband as I’m not the biggest fan of a massive bow on a tiny baby but I really liked all three of the patterns on the bibs so I decided to get it anyway. I also found this Laura Ashley baby body suit. I love the pattern on this and got it in 3-6 months so hopefully it will fit our baby in the spring time. I’m not sure what the RRP was but I paid £5.99.

My final three purchases were things I picked up whilst waiting in the queue because I can never resist! I got two packs of Candy Kittens for £1.49 each. I got a bag of peach fizz and one of sour watermelon. I also picked up a Godiva milk chocolate bar with a caramel filling, again for £1.49.

I’m pretty happy with what I found and I’m proud of myself for resisting the urge to go upstairs to homesense where I always end up spending far too much money!

What are your go to shops for summer fashion bargains?

Love Alice and bump x


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