Top Tips for a Dog Friendly Day Out

Hi guys! How are you handling the heat? If you’re anything like me, the answer is not very well…

Today I wanted to talk about my top tips for making a day out with your furry friend stress free and super fun!

  1. Take water – I always make sure to take a bottle of water for myself and an extra one for the dog. If you’re super organised, take a little bowl for the water too, usually I forget that and have to pour the water straight from the bottle into the dogs mouth which she actually prefers and will sometimes refuse to drink from a bowl when we are out and makes us pour it into her mouth instead!
  2. Research – Chances are, you’ve checked where you are going is dog friendly beforehand (if you haven’t, check!) but it’s worth checking out where the nearest dog friendly cafe or restaurant is in case you decide you want food and see if there’s any other dog friendly spots nearby in case your planned activity doesn’t take as long as you expected and you want to do something else too.
  3. Blankets or towels – Dogs seem to have this way of getting wet and muddy even on the nicest days, I always keep a blanket and a towel in my boot just in case we need to dry her off or if you want to put a blanket over the seat to stop your car getting muddy!
  4. Check the weather – there’s nothing that makes my dog more agitated and hard work than extreme weathers, if it’s too hot she walks really slowly, if it’s too rainy or there’s thunderstorms she’s very jumpy and does not have a good time. If she’s not having a good time, chances are, I’m stressed! We always try to check the weather before we go to make sure we won’t have any issues and if the weather isn’t looking ideal, make sure you take extra supplies to make up for it. A warm coat or a cool mat for your dog to lay down on are a good idea. Of course, if it’s too hot it may be dangerous to take your dog out so it may be better to rearrange for a different day!
  5. Treats – Nothing is worse than a hungry dog! Make sure you have a stock of treats to remind your pup that you love them the most and they’ll stick close by, it’s also good to have something to give them if you sit down with a tea and cake so they’re distracted and not trying to steal yours!

These are my top tips for a happy and stress free day out with a four legged friend – have I missed anything? What’s your top tip?

Love, Alice and bump x


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