Empty Products | July 2020

Today I thought I would share some of the products that I’ve used up in July and what I thought of them. I have so many products in my bathroom right now and seriously no space to keep them all so I’m working really hard on trying to use up what I have before I go out and buy any more!

In July I managed to finish up seven things so I’m going to let you know what I thought of them and whether I would purchase again.

Colab dry shampoo, Paris – £3.50/200ml
You can tell how old this is because they actually don’t stock it any more. I think I bought this when Colab dry shampoo was first released and I really liked it and used it quite a lot and then one day I just stopped. I found it when we moved into this house and I actually only had a couple of uses left. I think it was pretty good for a dry shampoo and I would definitely like to try out some of the new (or just current!) range. Generally speaking I don’t go for dry shampoo because I would rather just wash my hair, for me the feeling of dry shampoo just doesn’t do it. I did think though, that for adding texture and on those days where you really just don’t have time, this one worked just fine!

B. Pure Micellar Oil
We are really not doing well here, this one isn’t quite as old of a purchase as the dry shampoo but it appears to be discontinued and I couldn’t find anywhere that you can buy this. I can’t remember how much I paid for it but I bought it to use as a daily cleansing oil and I really didn’t love it. It says it’s suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. I really don’t have super sensitive skin but this product didn’t work for me. I ended up having to wash my face properly with a different cleanser after using it, which is fine but meant I didn’t want to use it as my daily cleanser for quickly getting makeup off and getting ready for bed after a long day at work! Even if it was still available, I definitely wouldn’t buy it again.

White Rabbit Skincare, Rose and Orange night cream – £15/30ml
This was a little tester pot that my sister in law gave me and I actually quite liked this. It was quite thick which is to be expected given that it’s a night cream. I really liked the scent, I thought it smelt like battenburg (although my boyfriend said it smelt like the timber isle in B&Q!) I love the packaging of the full size product and think it was really good. I’m not really one to spend too much on skincare so I’m not sure whether I would buy it again but I would be excited if I got this as a gift. *Hint hint Tom…* Just kidding, I know he doesn’t read any of my posts!

Elysium Spa, Lavender Epsom Salts – £1/450g
I picked these up from the range and they were great. I really like adding Epsom salts to my bath and the scent of these ones were great for a relaxing evening bath and they were really good value for money. I can’t think of any reason why I wouldn’t buy these again.

Pregnacare original – £6.35/30 tablets
I’ve been using these throughout my whole pregnancy and they seem to be doing their job! I think these are pretty much the go to for pregnant women, you tend to get a sample of these in every freebie pack or gift pack during pregnancy and they’re usually on some kind of 3 for 2 offer in boots or supermarkets as well. My sister in law can’t use them because she has a nut allergy so she keeps giving me her samples and the ones she bought before she realised she couldn’t take them so I reckon I’m stocked up enough for this entire pregnancy and I could probably make it through a second without having to buy any more!

Superdrug Oat and Coconut body cream – £5.99/300ml
I didn’t mind this, it was moisturising and an okay product for the price but that being said, I didn’t love it. I’m usually a big fan of coconut scents but this didn’t really do it for me. I felt like I was probably using more than I needed just to finish it up so that I could move onto something else! I don’t think I would purchase it again just because I think there are better moisturisers out there.

Imperial Leather Moroccan Sunset and Golden Argan Oil Bath Soak – £1.99/500ml
I love this, I have used so many bottles of this because it smells so good, it makes your skin feel good and it bubbles up really nicely. It just does everything you want a bubble bath to do and it’s super cheap. I would buy this again without hesitation!

That’s all the products I’ve used up this month, have you tried any of these? Do you have any recommendations for products to try out next?

Love, Alice and bump x


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