We Got Engaged! | Bath, August 2020

As if the title of this post doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, Tom and I went to Bath for a couple of days and got engaged! I thought it would be nice to tell the story of our engagement on the blog because this is definitely something I want to remember!

I had some holiday to use before I go on maternity leave and thought it might be nice to go away for a few days. We ended up not booking anything until the day before we were due to go so it was all quite last minute. My brother and sister in law agreed to look after Winnie as we were struggling to find somewhere suitable to stay and the weather was looking either very hot or thunderstorms so we weren’t sure how she would cope.

On Thursday we dropped Winnie off and then drove to Bath to the air BnB we had booked which was about a 10 minute walk from the city centre. We took our bags in, Tom took a million photos and video clips of the room which actually turned out to be really cool and then we walked into the centre to find somewhere for lunch.

We decided to stop for lunch at The Courtyard which was very cool and colourful. We sat outside and enjoyed paninis. The service was good and the food was brilliant so we were happy.

Once we had finished our food we walked around for a bit for Tom to take photos and film and then went to a couple of shops. I don’t think we actually ended up buying anything on the first day which was a shame because I was really hoping to find some cute bits for the nursery.

We had a little sit down on the grass opposite the royal crescent which was a much needed break for my pregnant feet, although no doubt quite a sight for anyone who was around to watch me try and get back up again!

For dinner we had booked a table at Absurd Bird which, despite being a chicken restaurant, had some really good veggie options. I got vegan chicken pieces with waffles, gravy and syrup and Tom got vegan chicken tenders and we shared fries and coleslaw. It was so good and had a very cool atmosphere.

Once we had eaten, we walked around to the roman baths which we had also prebooked. I was so excited for this because it sounded incredible but it ended up not being the best part of our trip. I know that it’s hard at the moment because everywhere is trying to abide by Covid rules and keep us all safe but in order to manage the flow of people, all of the indoor areas were effectively turned into one big queuing system. Maybe we went on a bad day or at a bad time but there was a lot of waiting compared to what you actually got to see and there wasn’t much opportunity to skip any parts that you weren’t interested in. It also didn’t help that I got a quite bad braxton hicks and there was probably only two chances to sit down the whole time. The actual baths were very pretty but by the time we got to that part we were both so frustrated and tired that it was hard to appreciate that.

We decided to pretty much skip the end and head back to the car and Tom drove to a park where you can see the Bath skyline. Little did I know, this is when he was planning to propose. It didn’t end up being when he proposed because we got there and I was a bit tired and grumpy and then there a few groups of teenagers smoking and drinking and it really was not the perfect moment! I had zero idea that he was being strange because he had a ring digging into his back pocket and had just assumed he was also tired!

On Friday we packed up our stuff and drove back into the city centre (we decided to drive this time because despite only being a 10 minute walk, there was no way my swollen, pregnant legs would manage it!) We parked the car and stopped at a cafe called Boston Tea Party for some breakfast. This was another cafe with lots of bright, colourful tables outside but just after we sat down, it started to rain – a lot! We both had eggs on toast with a few variants and it was a good, if slightly soggy, start to the day.

Tom said that he wanted to walk to the bridge to get some photos so we did that and then we went down to the river. He said he wanted to take a photo of the two of us together so he told me to go and stand by the river whilst he set up his camera. I feel like the next few minutes were a bit of a blur because I really don’t remember him coming over and getting down on one knee, I just remember seeing him on one knee with a ring, asking me to marry him! I blame it on the pregnancy hormones but it was quite an emotional moment so there were a few tears (from both of us I think!) before I tried on the ring. He had bought me an antique ring with a ruby in which I love, but unfortunately it’s a bit too small so I can’t wear it yet.

After I got over the fact that he had actually just proposed (we’ve been together so long now I had assumed it might never happen!) we agreed that there was no point getting the ring resized until after I’ve had the baby and my fingers go back to their usual size! Since that’s not going to be until the end of this year or beginning of next, we decided to go to a little silver shop and buy a temporary ring so I could still wear something! I picked out a silver ring with a heart shaped gem which is really pretty although nothing like my actual engagement ring!

We told all of our friends and family and wandered around a few more shops before stopping at Sweet Little Things for some cream teas to celebrate. It was a lovely little bakery/tea room and is definitely somewhere I would go back.

I’m so happy that Tom proposed and it was exactly how I wanted it, in a nice quiet spot without anyone watching us! Now I just can’t wait to marry my very best friend!

Love, Alice and bump x


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