Our Autumn Fireplace

I’m honestly so excited to be sharing this because Autumn is just the very best season and I am fully here for it! When we were looking at houses, the two fireplaces in the house we picked were just calling me! I had visions of a lovely autumn/winter display in one of the fire places and I’m so happy with how it’s turned out.

My fiance (it always feels so weird to say that) and I decided to head into Cambridge for a spot of shopping to pick up some pieces to decorate the fireplace and I thought I would share what we got!

We picked up the artificial flowers in the Range a couple of weeks ago and I think they add a really nice touch of colour to the fireplace because everything else we gto was fairly neutral colours. If you want to see what else we got from The Range and B&M on that trip check out my haul here. The vase I already had and I honestly can’t remember where it came from!

This was a charity shop find and it’s so nice. It’s quite heavy and I think it will also be quite nice for a Christmassy display. Because I’ve put it at the back of the fireplace where it’s quite dark, I decided to wrap some copper wire fairy lights around it to make it a bit brighter. I’m actually not sure where the lights are from because I’ve had them for ages but they’re just little battery powered ones.

In front of the wooden trees we have a wooden board which was actually in the kitchen section of homesense and I loved the texture edge. It was £8.99 which seemed fairly reasonable and is also something that I can probably use for all of the seasons. On the board I’ve put three white pillar candles which I got from Primark because it’s actually the cheapest place I found them and they were £2 for the tallest one, £1.50 for the middle size and £1 for the small one which is really good. I’m just so excited for cosy films, blankets, all the lights and candles burning – yes please!

Also on the board is a wooden squirrel dish which I love and the bowl part is an acorn! I got this from Dunelm for £12. I couldn’t decide what to put in this, I think it would be nice to put some sweets in but I have the self-restraint of a 2 year old so it would always be empty! I decided to put a wooden wick candle in it. I got the candle from homesense for £5.99, it smells lovely and autumnal and the crackle sound when it burns is just dreamy! I also wrapped some of those copper wire fairy lights around this board and the candles.

On the left side I have a glass jar – I think it’s actually a vase? – which has a black metal outer cage type thing. That was probably the worst possible description but it kind of gave me pumpkin vibes and was only £3.50 in a charity shop. I filled it with some pinecones which we picked up on a walk in Cambridge and wrapped another string of fairy lights around the pinecones inside the jar. In front is a little wooden apple which I found in a charity shop for £1.25 and I thought it just looked so cool. There was also a lemon and another fruit which I can’t remember but I thought the apple was more autumnal.

Finally there is a pumpkin which I got from homesense. They didn’t have the best selection which I was slightly disappointed about but this one is lovely. I love the colour and it lights up too which is cool. This was £4.99 and I’m happy with it although I think I might still keep an eye out for a couple more pumpkins!

I’m really pleased with how this has turned out and it’s making me feel so cosy and autumnal!

Love, Alice and bump x

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