August: What happened?

August was a pretty slow month in comparison to the rest of my year but theres still been a few note worthy events! I started the month by making a bold choice, I decided to go vegan for five days a week and to join the gym. I registered for the gym and have been … More August: What happened?


The Get to Know me Tag

I had planned a pretty elaborate post for today however after finishing up the late shift at work, dragging myself through the tedious process of cooking dinner, washing my hair and doing the washing I started it and just couldn’t face the whole editing, photographing and fine tuning process. Instead here is a super raw, … More The Get to Know me Tag

My Top 10 Ways To Make it Through Your Period | 24/08/17

Monthlies, that time of the month, the blob, shark week, lady time, on the rag or aunt Flo. However you choose to describe it, getting your period sucks. As a woman who’s been getting her period once a month for a number of years now, I feel like I’m finally qualified to give advice – … More My Top 10 Ways To Make it Through Your Period | 24/08/17

London | 19/08/17

I woke up Saturday morning with every intention to lay in bed all day watching netflix however my boyfriend had other plans. He brought me breakfast in bed and then ordered me to get myself dressed and ready to head into London. I curled my hair and did my make up before getting dressed. I … More London | 19/08/17