London to Brighton | Training Day One

“I’m thinking of doing something and I’m not sure if it’s a bit crazy.” That’s the sort of message you get from your friend and you know straight away that you’re about to be roped into doing something that you would probably never have decided on by yourself. I got that very message from one … More London to Brighton | Training Day One


London | 21/10/17

I’ve noticed that, aside from all elements of my blog being missing recently, I haven’t been doing many journalling posts at all! I know that my Monday to Friday life is far from blog-worthy, there’s nothing aesthetic about my early morning starts, no makeup, greasy hair and long days covered in paint and poo! I … More London | 21/10/17

Question Two

If you’re interested in getting a bit more of a background as to what these ‘questions’ are about, check out question one where I explained what I was doing! What does my ideal day look like from morning to night? This is such a tough question to answer since theres so many ways that I love … More Question Two