What to put in a stocking?

Stockings are one of my favourite things about Christmas day but some years I really struggle with ideas of what to put inside! That being said I’ve put down a few of my best ideas for stockings this year. I’m aware that everyone does stockings differently, some people do super cheap fun gifts, some people don’t spend too much but still put in worthwhile gifts and some people spend a little more on more luxury gifts. I tend to spend up to £5 on each present and sometimes a little bit over.

Chocolate treats

My favourite thing to get in my stocking as a kid was always chocolate treats and I still love them now! I don’t know about anyone else but in my house, the chocolate treats in the stockings were the best breakfast on Christmas day!

Minature alcohol

Now that I’m a bit older I love some grown-up drinks in my stocking, they’re lots of fun to drink on Christmas day and I think miniature bottles are just so cute!

Christmas movie

Christmas movies are such a great stocking filler gift because they’re pretty inexpensive and it gives you something to do on Christmas day and in the lazy days that come with Christmas!

Kitchen bits

This is such a random one but I have given and received kitchen bits and pieces such as cookie cutters, tongs, personalised wooden spoons and super funky tin openers! I know it’s a bit strange but sometimes the more random gifts are the best ones!


Everyone loves socks at Christmas! Even better if they’re tacky and bright with pom poms on, or maybe that’s just me.

Hair clips/ties

This is a great one for the girls’ stockings because they always need hair ties and grips and pretty clips! They’re also really small and cheap so they’re perfect to bulk it up a bit.

Mini games

Little games like playing cards, travels games or other cards games are great fun. They fit in a stocking perfectly and it’s another thing to do on Christmas day that you can all get involved in!


Obviously, this one depends a little bit on who’s stocking it is but I know lots of people who love a nice pen, some pretty paper clips or bright coloured post-it notes!


Another great one which you can tailor to everyone on the list, you can get all sorts of mini toiletries, especially at Christmas time when they come in the cutest packaging!

Hot drinks sachets

Christmas is cold and everyone (who loves hot drinks) loves a drink to warm them up! Funky flavours or pretty packaged sachets are a great gift to pop in a stocking!

What’s your best stocking filler idea?

Love, Alice x


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