Charity shop haul | July 2020

I’ve been watching a lot of charity shop hauls on youtube recently and I feel like I haven’t been shopping in so long that I really needed to go and do my own one! I did one on here before Christmas if you want to check it out.

I’m six months pregnant now and my body seems to be changing every day! Whilst I was in desperate need of some new clothes that would actually fit my ever changing bump, I didn’t want to spend a tonne of money on maternity clothes that wouldn’t fit again in a few months time. I’ve watched a lot of videos and read a lot of blogs about how to dress your bump and a lot of people say that they didn’t buy pricey maternity clothes and just sized up instead. I have found that this works well for tops and dresses (although you have to be mindful of the shape and fabric) but this doesn’t work at all for me with bottoms so I would definitely recommend investing in some decent maternity jeans and leggings as staples. The rest, you can 100% buy preloved to give the planet and your purse a much needed break!

I did find it quite hard to shop at the moment because I don’t really know what size I am and none of the shops are letting anyone try clothes on for obvious reasons. That being said, I did pick up a few bits and I’m excited to share them with you!

The first shop we went in was Sense and I got two things. First was this knit jumper, originally from Zara for £5. It’s in a size large which is something I probably will be able to wear during pregnancy and after because I like knitwear to be a big bigger for those cosy vibes. I really like this, it’s not too thick so it will be perfect for the colder evenings and chilly days were you need more than a t-shirt but not a full on jumper! I think this is going to be a cosy day essential for me with some over the bump leggings and my fluffy slippers!

Also in Sense, I picked up this khaki green t-shirt, also in a size large for £4. This one was also originally from Zara. It’s definitely a bit shorter and tighter around the bump than I would have liked and I’m not sure how long it will last but I think I will get lots of wear out of this after I’ve had the baby too. It’s got a bit of a V-neck which I wouldn’t usually go for but I really liked the colour so I decided to get it anyway.

In British Heart Foundation I picked up another khaki green item! This time is was a midi dress with a racer style back. It’s definitely not something I think I would usually go for but I always see pregnant ladies in longers dresses and they seem to stretch quite well around the bump. I got this in a size large also and it was £4. I washed and ironed everything (well, actually my boyfriend ironed it for me!) just before I took these pictures and this dress already looks quite creased so I’m not sure about the fabric but I think it will be fine for warmer days and it’s super easy to throw on. I would probably pair this with a denim jacket and sandals but it could definitely be worn on it’s own if it’s really hot!

One of my favourite charity shops local to me is Age UK because it’s laid out really nicely and it honestly doesn’t even look like a charity shop! Normally I find loads in there but this time there wasn’t much that I felt would have fit my bump so I only ended up getting two things. The first was this black and white checked top. I already have a top quite similar which I actually got from the same charity shop but I tried to wear it the other day and it only covers half of my belly so I thought I’d try this one. I got it in a size 18 and it was £1.99. I’m not sure if this is meant to be cropped but even getting it in a bigger size (I’m usually a 12) it still doesn’t fully cover my bump! I think it’s fine for tucking into a skirt but I probably wouldn’t be able to wear it with jeans or leggings!

Also in Age UK, I got this lovely Winnie the Pooh picture for £1.99. I already have two Winnie the Pooh pictures in the baby’s nursery so I’m not sure if I want to put another one in there or if I will put it somewhere else but I just really liked it and couldn’t leave it!

We went to Mind which is usually great for a bargain because their prices are really good but I didn’t find any clothes in there that I liked but I did end up picking up this set of 4 glasses/mugs. I’m not really sure how you’d describe them but I thought they would look so cool for autumn/winter with a hot chocolate. Especially for an instagram photo! I didn’t really want all four but they were selling them as a set of four for £2 so we ended up getting them all because I thought they looked great!

The final shop I bought anything in was Oxfam, I picked up two things in there, both for the baby. First was this pair of leggings with little frills at the bottom. They are 3-6 months so she won’t be wearing them straight away but they were brand new with the tag on still (originally from tesco) and they were only 99p so I decided to get them anyway because I really liked them. I also picked up this Oliver Jeffers book ‘Here we are.’ I love his books because they’re so easy to read and they’re so beautifully illustrated. This one is a first edition and it’s signed so it was a bargain for £3.99!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I picked up in my local charity shops. What’s the best thing you’ve ever found in a charity shop?

Love, Alice and bump x

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