B&M and The Range Haul | August 2020

Sorry it has been a while, I’ve not even been busy, I’ve just been so tired! I’m now 31 weeks pregnant and very much feeling it. I’m big, heavy and things are a lot more effort than they used to be! Now I’m over 30 weeks I’ve been thinking about my hospital bag and my midwife suggested I get thinking about what I need. I decided to pop to B&M and the Range to see if I could get some of the things I needed and I found a few other bits in there too which I thought I would share.

The Range

We went in the range first and I managed to get a few things off my list (and a few things which were not on the list!)

There wasn’t meant to be a puppy in this picture but she kept eyeing up the pupcakes!

Cloud Lampshade £9.99
We have been looking for a lampshade since we started decorating the nursery and we have really struggled to find one we like. I had originally wanted one which was the same colour pink as the walls but I just couldn’t find one. We ended up getting this white one with little white clouds in a different material. I’m still not sure if it’s exactly what I want but it will be much better than just having a bare bulb!

Ibuprofen £0.69
I picked up two boxes of Ibuprofen for after I give birth because I’ve heard it helps and I am not looking forward to the recovery! I think I’m actually more scared about the few days after giving birth than I am about labour and giving birth itself!

Pink Wafer biscuits £0.49
I got these biscuits to go in my hospital bag because I hear snacks are essential and I love these.

Sanex roll on deodorant £1
I picked this up because I thought it would be handy to have a deodorant to keep in my hospital bag ready than to try and remember to pick up my Wild refillable deodorant that I usually use. I also have heard, and I’m not sure how true it is, but that some hospitals prefer/only allow roll on deodorant and not the spray ones so I figured I’d get this just to be on the safe side.

Artificial flowers (Roses £1.79 each, Eucalyptus £2.29 each)
Me and my partner have been looking for some artificial flowers to put in a vase in one of our fire places because it looks so nice when there’s fresh flowers in there but we just never remember to buy them and then when we do have them they die and drop leaves and the dog is always trying to sniff/eat them and it’s just a hassle. We decided to get these fake ones and see whether we like them and, if we do, we might get some more and different colours to change up for the seasons!

Colgate mini toothpaste £1
I picked this up for my hospital bag because I thought it would be easier to have a little tube for my partner and I to use.

Swizzle drumstick Squashies £1
I got these as another snack for my hospital bag because they’re one of my favourite sweets, I don’t think there’s too much explanation needed for many of these things!

Iced Mini Trio of Pupcakes £3.59
We picked up these little pupcakes because it’s our dog’s 2nd birthday in a few days! I can’t believe she’s going to be two! What day can you eat a cupcake for breakfast, lunch and dinner if it’s not your birthday?! If you want to see what else we got her for her birthday, I will probably share it on my instagram stories so go follow there if you’re interested @alicerpercival_ There’s always a LOT of puppy content on there!

Mint cream Poppets £1 for four boxes
I LOVE these and for some reason I can just never resist when I spot them in B&M or the range so I had to pick some up. I might put a box in my hospital bag or I might just eat them all, who knows…

Caprisun Orange £2
The final thing I got in the Range is a box of caprisun pouches. It was £2 for a box of 8 which seems like fairly good value but I thought they would be good for my hospital bag (although I’m not sure if they are!) because they have a straw so they’re easy to drink and hopefully will give me a bit of energy! If not, I can just drink them another time so I’m still winning!


There was a huge B&M right next to the range and there were a few bits on my list I hadn’t managed to get so we went in there to see what we could find.

Milka chocolate £0.79
We got a bar of the happy cow milka because it’s so tasty and we have been doing better with having less/healthier snacks so I thought we should treat ourselves for the bank holiday weekend! We very nearly picked up a bar of the cadbury winter wonderland chocolate but managed to refrain because I feel like we have to wait until at least October to start thinking about Christmas!

Minky antibacterial bathroom pad £2.79
We got this because cleaning the bathroom is my partners job (it used to be mine but since I got pregnant I just can’t stand the smell of any of the cleaning products!) and he keeps moaning about the cloths and sponges we had so he wanted to try this one!

Belvita chocolate chip soft bakes £1.49
Another hospital bag snack, these are so tasty and hopefully will give me some good energy for pushing!

Milka choco moo biscuits £1
Another hospital bag snack, I tried these in Prague and they were amazing so I thought they would be a good treat in labour.

Sensodyne fresh mint toothpaste £1.99
We have run out of toothpaste so picked up another one, we use sensodyne most of the time and I find it’s usually much cheaper in B&M than the supermarket.

Paracetamol £0.29
Another pain relief for after I’ve given birth. The plan is to alternate these and the ibuprofen every two hours so I don’t feel too much! Fingers crossed.

Calpol Sachets £2.99
I know Calpol can’t be used until babies are a couple of months but I thought it would be handy to have some ready for when we go for vaccinations or just in case we need it because otherwise you can guarantee I’ll forget! I decided to get the sachets instead of a bottle because I thought it would be easier for travelling, we can keep some in the changing bag and it just seemed like a good idea.

Micellar cleansing wipes £1 for pack of two
I picked these up so I can put a pack in my hospital bag. Chances are I won’t be wearing make up when I go into labour because I rarely wear any these days but just in case I am or if I just want to freshen my face up I thought it would be much easier to have these than to try taking a flannel and cleanser and all that jazz. I don’t really use wipes that often so I will probably just see if someone else wants the other pack.

Duzzit antibacterial wipes £1
I picked these up because I thought it would be really handy to have some antibacterial wipes for if the baby has any leaky nappies or is sick, especially in the next to me crib which has like a plasticy cover on the mattress but generally anywhere in the house. It feels like it would be a lot easier to wipe up a mess or surface with some wipes than getting out a spray and cloths and all of that!

Andrex classic clean washlets £1
I picked these up for after birth as well as I’ve heard, especially if you end up with stitches or anything, these are a lot more gentle and comfortable than normal toilet tissue.

Black disposable face masks £2 for a pack of 10
As I’m sure everyone does at the moment, we’ve had a fair few occasions where we have gotten to a shop and realised we didn’t pick up a mask! We got these to keep in the car so we have something just in case.

Sanex mens deodorant £0.79
I thought it would be handy to put a deodorant in my hospital bag for my partner too in case we end up being in the hospital for a long time and he wants to freshen up at all. Chances are he might not need it because with current guidelines the birth partner is still only able to come in once labour is established and is only allowed to stay for a few hours after but I just thought it would be nicer for him to have some bits if needed.

That’s everything I picked up from B&M and the Range, have you spotted any bargains in there recently that I should check out?

Love Alice and bump x


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