Empty Products | September 2020

How have I only just realised it’s october? Baby brain must be hitting me hard because I had not even clicked that it was time to share the products I’ve used up again. I feel like I’ve used a fair bit this month so let’s get into it!

The Body Shop Shea Body Mist
I feel like this has lasted FOREVER – I don’t even remember where this came from. I don’t really shop in the body shop too much so I imagine it must have been some kind of birthday or Christmas gift set. I liked the smell of this and it was a handy one to keep in my handbag (hence the packaging is slightly battered) but I am quite glad it’s finally finished because there was a moment where I thought it was actually just going to last forever! I probably wouldn’t buy it again because I think there are other scents that I prefer but it was fine as an everyday bottle to keep in my bag.

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser
I was using this as my daily moisturiser for after I washed my face in the evenings. I originally had bought it to use in the mornings but I found whenever I used this and then put my make up on, my make up would go a bit funny so I stopped doing that. It was fine but generally I would prefer a slightly thicker moisturiser for the night time so I probably wouldn’t get this again because it just didn’t really work for what I had bought it for.

P.S. Naturals Balm to Oil Cleanser
This is actually my second pot of this cleanser and the first pot I bought I used up really quickly and loved for taking my make up off in the evening but then I bought another pot and I don’t know if they changed the ingredients or what but I just didn’t love it as much. The second pot seemed to leave my skin quite greasy and I just didn’t love it so I probably won’t repurchase again.

Wild natural deodorant – coconut dreams
I bought this Wild Natural deodorant after seeing millions of adverts for it on instagram and I’m still somewhat undecided on it. I love the scents (I ordered the starter pack with three scents and the holder) and I’m definitely going to keep trying it but it’s leaving my skin a bit weird. I want to keep trying it because it could be a pregnancy thing that is making my armpits feel a bit weird but it did kind of coincide with using this new deodorant so I’m not sure. Hopefully once I’m not pregnant anymore it will be fine but I’ll have to wait and see. As long as the strange reaction doesn’t continue, the scents are amazing and it’s very minimal packaging and that packaging can be composted once you’re done so it’s an amazing idea!

BAO Luminosity body scrub with coconut and grapefruit
This came in a subscription box that I tried out and I honestly didn’t love it. The scent was a bit weird, I usually love anything coconutty so I was surprised not to like it but I guess the mix of the coconut and the grapefruit did something I didn’t enjoy. I also didn’t enjoy the way my skin felt after using this, I kind of felt like I had a weird residue on my skin that wouldn’t wash off and I just felt a bit sticky and gross. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this.

Just Pink Body Lotion
I think this is another thing that came in a Christmas gift set a while ago and has just been sitting in my basket waiting to be used up. I usually prefer a thicker moisturiser like a body butter rather than a lotion but this wasn’t too bad. I liked the scent and my skin did feel soft after using it so all around not too bad.

White rabbit skincare rose and frankincense day cream
I think there was one of these in my last empties post and there’s another one this time. I really liked this but think the full size is slightly more than I would usually pay for skincare so I probably wouldn’t repurchase but this would make a brilliant gift!

Imperial leather foam burst lychee and lotus flower foam body wash
You may have spotted this in my glossybox unboxing which I posted recently and I loved it. I knew I would because I’ve used other foam bursts from imperial leather and always enjoyed them. This one smelt lovely and I would definitely buy it again. The only issue I had was that this one was in a small bottle so it really didn’t last long!

Radox Muscle Soak Bath Therapy Salts
I showed this in a haul video on mine and my fiance’s youtube channel. I got these from poundland, I highly recommend getting them from poundland because it seems to be the cheapest place to pick them up but I love these bath salts. They smell lovely and definitely work! I think I might have used a few too many because this box only lasted me two baths! Luckily I picked up a couple of boxes so I’ve still got a couple more baths before I have to go and buy any more! I definitely will buy more because they’re just great.

What’s your favourite product you’ve used recently?

Love, Alice and bump x


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