2017 Bucket List

I’ve considered making myself a bucket list for ‘before I die’ tasks that I want to complete however it seems like a big unrealistic list of dreams. I thought I would go for a more realistic and hopefully achievable bucket list of things to complete this year. I am a little late making this list and therefore I am a month down but I’m hoping that won’t hinder me in ticking off all of my to do’s for this year!

  1. Cook a new recipe – this one I have already done, if you read my post yesterday you may have seen that I tried out three new recipes!
  2. Spend a day in London alone – This is something that would be so simple to achieve but I always get really nervous doing things on my own so I’ll be interested to see if I actually manage this one. 
  3. Go to Disneyland – I already have this booked and I can’t wait!
  4. Watch the entire collection of Disney classics – I’ve written out a list of all of the Disney classics and I’ve already managed to tick off three this weekend, only about 50 more to go..
  5. Have a Harry Potter marathon – All 8 movies, one weekend.
  6. Go to a florists and buy fresh flowers – I mostly want to do this for the ever gorgeous instagram photos.
  7. Reach 100 posts on my blog – If I continue posting daily this one will be easy, lets just hope I can manage that!
  8. Have a spa day – Another thing that would be so easy to do but I just really feel uncomfortable about doing it, it’s something I would really like to do though.
  9. Pass my level 3 – hopefully this will be done soon, although if I continue to procrastinate at my current rate then I can’t be too certain!
  10. Get my brownie pack holiday license – This is another one which is already set into motion so fingers crossed I can get this ticked off soon!
  11. Donate blood – I have tried to donate blood before but due to a kidney disease I wasn’t allowed, I’ve now been given the all clear but I keep getting tattoo’s so haven’t been able to go and donate yet! 
  12. Read 25 books – For the past three years I’ve set myself the goal to read 52 books and I just haven’t achieved it, let’s hope I can manage this one! 
  13. Go swimming – I know this one sounds super easy but I never learnt to swim and am super scared of water so if I can tick this one off the list I will be so proud of myself. 
  14. Set of a lantern in the sky – I think this one may be inspired by watching Tangled yesterday but there is something so magical about floating lanterns.
  15. Save £2500 – I have a feeling that if I manage to tick everything else off the list this one might not get done but if I can’t be ambitious here, then where?
  16. Wear a bikini at the pool – I am super conscious of my body and despite buying bikini’s, I have never worn one in public. I have two tattoos on my rib cage which I would really like to show off a little bit so I need to build up that courage to get them out!
  17. Stop eating Mcdonalds for the WHOLE year – So far so good with this one, lets hope I can complete the rest of the year, if I managed to give up chocolate for a year, I’m sure I can manage no Mcdonalds.
  18. Complete my bullet journal – I might not use my bullet journal in the traditional way but I do use it in a way that works really nicely for me and I can’t wait to complete the whole book. I got two new journals for christmas which I am excited to start but I am holding out until I’ve filled up my first one. 
  19. Own a pair of Louboutins – Another slightly ambitious dream but hey, you never know, I’ve made a good few hints to my boyfriend..
  20. Stop eating meat – This will be a slow process, although I have done it before I don’t want to just completely drop it, I want to gradually reduce and replace meat in my diet. Maybe next year I’ll be ditching the milk, cheese and eggs and going full vegan..
  21. Explore different faiths and cultures – I have recently come to the conclusion that I don’t feel fully comfortable about the christian faith and perhaps it’s not for me however I do want to do a lot more exploration into the believes and culture of christians before I fully eliminate it from my belief system. I also want to explore a whole range of different cultures and faiths and understand the diverse world that I am living in. 
  22. Do yoga – This is a pretty vague one because I’m fully aware if I say daily or even weekly I will under no circumstances stick to that however I do want to do yoga, even if its just something I do when I feel it necessary.
  23. Visit a new country – This is a goal I have for every year and so far I seem to be doing okay, this year I’m aiming for two new countries but one will be sufficient.
  24. See a ballet at the royal opera house – Since doing ballet classes when I was 5 or 6 years old, I have always had a fascination with the dance, I find it truly beautiful and I would love to see a real ballet. 
  25. Go to Brighton – As well as visiting countries, I want to visit new places in Britain, first on my list is Brighton, somewhere I have wanted to go for a few years now and hopefully this year will be the year I get there.
  26. Visit a comedy club/bar – Probably again for the instagram photos, but I imagine they’re pretty cool places to hang out and I love comedians.
  27. Go to Cornwall – I already have a week in Cornwall booked around a wedding but I’m excited as it’s another place I have never been.
  28. Go to the Eden Project – This one ties into the above, I have seen and heard a lot about this, so it’s something I would like to do whilst I’m in Cornwall.
  29. Visit Berlin – I have wanted to go to Berlin for a long time and there are plans in the pipe line to head out there for a weekend so fingers crossed this will materialise and I can tick this off.
  30. Make an inspiration board – I have a big empty white wall above my desk and I want to fill it with inspiration and maybe a few memories.
  31. Buy an exciting, completely random gift for my boyfriend – He really is my best friend and the best person I have ever met and I am always wanting to show him just how much I care and just for once I’d like to give him some materialistic love, nothing budget, nothing handmade, I just want to spoil the man I love.
  32. See a fireworks display – I do get to do this most years but it’s always such a magical night for me and I love it!
  33. Bake Macarons – A french patisserie which is one of my favourite things to eat – and apparently something I really enjoyed baking if you saw my post February 4th 2017.
  34. Do the Race for Life – Again, this is something I have done every year for the past four or five years but it always makes me feel like I have achieved something and I can’t wait do tick this off again this year.
  35. Visit Bulgaria – I have heard great things about this country and it truly does look beautiful. My dad lives in Bulgaria so I am thinking of planning a trip to visit him and see the sights that the country has to offer. 


I can’t wait to complete this list and hopefully by the end of the year it will be a mess of coloured ticks next to every item which I have completed. What’s on your bucket list to complete this year?



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