February 9th 2017

Today was a long one! Thursday’s are always particularly challenging because not only do I have a full day of work but then I also have brownies in the evening! I used to think finishing at 4 and then going to brownies was tough, clearly I hadn’t tried finishing 15 minutes before brownies started!

I woke up early, my boyfriend had a funeral to go to today so he dropped me off at work. I did actually enjoy my day at work however there was a bit of stress throughout the day as there so often is at work. I think I’m really struggling this week as, where I only worked two days last week, I’m just tired from an almost full week! Everyone was going out for birthday drinks after work which was also frustrating because I love going for drinks after work with the girls – thank you 2-for-1 cocktails and desserts! Since I had brownies I had to give it a miss but I did have fun at brownies none the less.

Since we have valentines day coming up we did some valentines day crafts, the girls made a valentines day card using hand printing and witty puns. We also made paper roses and since I am pretty much just a massive child myself, I decided to get stuck in and make my own rose – I had to get my boyfriend something, right? They looked super cute in the end even if the process of making them made me want to tear out not only my own hair but also that of a few 8 year old girls.


After brownies my boyfriend came and picked me up but since he had been out all day at the funeral he hadn’t had chance to go home and cook dinner so we decided to just pick up some sausages and chips on the way home. Since getting home my evening has literally consisted of eating said dinner, writing this blog post, ticking off today and writing tomorrows to do list and now I’m about to jump into bed and watch some Brooklyn nine nine. Just in time to wake up and do it all again tomorrow!

You may well have noticed that each post is accompanied by a beautifully crafted quote lifted from pinterest. I’m a big fan of motivation, particularly as I’m not great at creating my own and these quotes tend to sum up or motivate me through the day and onto the next. They may not always seem 100% relevant but there is usually some reason as to the specifics. Todays quote “Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success, If you love what you are doing, you will be successful,” reminds me that even though sometimes I do struggle with work or brownies, I do love what I do or I wouldn’t do them and therefore I will be successful in one way or another. I already achieved my brownie leadership qualification, I’m sure I’ll soon be achieving my camp license and I’m well on my way to qualifying to be a level 3 practitioner at work. No reason that a few bumps in the road should interrupt my happiness.


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