These are a few of my favourite things | April

I know I’m super late to the party since I’m writing this post on May sixth *gasp* but I still wanted to share my favourite things from May. I’m going to do this the same way I did my March favourites with the ten different categories so hopefully, you enjoy it!

Film: Hurricane Bianca

My film favourite for this month is Hurricane Bianca, it’s on Netflix and it’s about a struggling male science teacher who gets fired for being gay. He nearly calls it a day and gives up but then he is inspired to come back in the most fabulous way possible! It’s such a funny movie but it has some real messages in it. I watched it on the plane to Copenhagen and I was honestly laughing out loud – I got a few funny looks for sure.

Book: It Started with Paris by Cathy Kelly

This book is one that I bought ages ago when it was first released (2014!) and I never got around to reading it. I am one of those people who completely judge a book by its cover so the glitter and the Eiffel tower on the cover of this book definitely won me over. Since I don’t have much space in my room I keep most of my books at my mum’s house and I swap them out each time I finish one like a library! Last time I was there I decided to bring this one back with me and I’m so glad I finally read it because the story is just magical and also so full of message and power. It is a little complicated to get into because the story follows at least six different people, maybe more, so you definitely have to be awake to understand whats going on. That being said, once I worked it all out, I couldn’t put this book down and I was so engrossed in the lives of timid trophy wife Birdie, confident head teacher Grace, struggling teen Ruby and powerful Leila.

Makeup: Too Faced White Chocolate Chip eyeshadow palette

I picked up this makeup palette in Sephora in Copenhagen and I love it! The colours are so pretty and I love the mix of matte and sparkles. It’s got the perfect colours to create most everyday looks and they last all day long! I love that its a smaller palette which makes it the perfect size to fit in your make up bag or for traveling. I actually loved this so much that I picked one up for my little sister too.

Beauty: Sephora Sheet Masks

For my beauty favourite this month I have been loving the sheet masks from Sephora. I always fall a little bit more in love with Sephora whenever I visit a country with a store. I still cannot believe we don’t have one in the UK! One of my favourite Sephora brand products is their sheet masks. They come in a great range of different scents and each does a different job for your skin. I personally prefer sheet masks anyway because they’re less messy and they’re easier to use but I just love the Sephora ones above all else!

TV Show: Jane the Virgin

So this show has been on for so long and don’t worry, I’m not just starting out – I’m not THAT late to the party! I feel like I’ve been watching this for ages, I probably started about a year ago and I’m finally up to date and I can’t tell you what happened without dropping some massive spoilers but OH MY GOODNESS, it’s big and I can’t wait for the new episode to come out! The show itself follows Jane who believes in no sex before marriage after some early lessons with her very religious abuela however due to a medical mistake, she ends up pregnant! I’m pretty sure there is big drama every episode and I never want to go to bed because I am always telling myself, just one more!

Food: Salad

This is a shocking one for me because I am NOT a salad girl. It must be the weather but I have been craving salads like it’s nobodies business recently. I like the really crunchy salads with iceberg lettuce, cucumber, red onions, and peppers. Since I don’t eat meat I usually add some potato salad, coleslaw or some sort of cheesy bites to my salad and I just can’t get enough!


My favourite photo this month is a photo of my boyfriend and me in front of the little mermaid statue in Copenhagen. I’m not sure which is my favourite part, the statue, the sunshine or stupidly happy faces. I love the little mermaid so much that I have her tattooed on my leg so it was cool to visit the statue.

Song: Breathe by Jax Jones

I don’t know what it is about this song but every time it comes on the radio I turn the volume right up and can’t help but sing along! I think it’s got such a summery vibe and it will definitely be in my summer playlist for BBQ’s and get-togethers!

Event: Copenhagen

Is this really any surprise since pretty much every other favourite has somehow related to this trip. A few months ago my boyfriend booked flights to Copenhagen but I managed to forget about it which meant a panic when we didn’t have anywhere to stay (thank you air bnb!) and then a nice surprise when my manager reminded me I had a few days off work! It was such an incredible trip and I just loved it. I have been sharing loads of pictures on my Instagram (@alice_anonymous_) and have also written two blog posts about it here and here.

Wild Card: Sunshine

It has been so long since we’ve had nice weather that I actually forgot how good the sunshine makes you feel. I’ve been loving the bright mornings that actually motivate you to get out of bed, the warm evenings which make you feel like you have a life after work and the general good feeling you get from soaking up the vitamin D! I always say that winter is my favourite season but there is definitely a real feel-good element to the summer!

What was your favourite thing in April?

Love always,

Alice x


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