Drinking, Facing Fears and Online Shopping! | Journal

Monday 21st May

Yet again, Monday was an office day for me. A chance to get on top of all of the observations that had been built up over the previous week. The children also baked some cheese and onion pasties which made me want to make them so badly! I went to the supermarket on the way home and picked up the things I needed to make my own cheese and onion pasties and they were so yummy!

Tuesday 22nd May

Today I had fun teaching some of the children at work to say “mummy, you’re beautiful.” The children are like sponges, they soak up and repeat everything we say to them so why not encourage some positivity towards their parents.

Wednesday 23rd May


I got yet another compliment from a parent saying how much they appreciated my work, it’s so lovely to hear the nice things and I really appreciate when the parents notice how much effort we put in with their children. I also got a text from a friend who had spotted the release date for the new Love Island series which I am so excited about! Even though it’s been quite sunny recently, I decided to make a potato and leek soup for dinner because there’s something about a homemade soup that really makes me happy – and it worked.

Thursday 24th May

Today was actually quite a difficult day for me, I had to deal with some feelings that I thought I had dealt with. Clearly I hadn’t, because some kindness from someone else made old feelings resurface. It meant a bit of an emotional day but I still had a nice day at work, I think the children can sense when you’re feeling a bit down and they seem to be extra cute. I also had fun helping the girls at brownies make some beaded tiaras to celebrate world tiara day.

Friday 25th May

Fridays tend to be a little bit quieter at work which meant I had chance to take down some of the display boards and prepare the work to put back up. Making a display board is quite therapeutic, give it a go if you ever get the chance! After work, I managed to get a couple of trains to Kings Cross station which is quite impressive because I’m usually more hindrance than help when it comes to working out how to get somewhere! I eventually made it and had a really fun evening drinking with some of my boyfriends friends.

Saturday 26th May

Despite drinking the night before, we had to wake up early on Saturday to drive to Cambridge and pick up my sister. For her birthday I gave her some vouchers to plan a day out together each month. This month was a day trip and I suggested that we could either drive up to a UK town and do some shopping and lunch or whatever she fancied, or we could arrange an activity for the day such as go ape. She picked go ape and we had so much fun climbing through the trees. I’ve written a whole separate post about go ape here if you’re interested. Once we dropped her off back home, we had every intention of heading back home ourselves but instead we got invited to meet my brother, his wife and his friend at the Cambridge beer festival. I had never been before so I figured we might as well head over whilst we were nearby. We ended up having a really good evening although it did mean another late night!

Sunday 27th May

I’m loving that we’re actually getting some sunny bank holiday weekends this year, my


boyfriend and I had to go food shopping since we had no food in the house. It was nice to actually do it together because usually one of us just does it on a day when the other one is working. Once we got home, we soaked up some sun and did a bunch of chores. It was a really nice day just doing boring things together. We also finished 13 Reasons why which I spoke a little bit about last week and it was just insane. I can’t wait for season three! As a little reward to myself for staying out of my overdraft last month, I bought a new pair of trainers which arrived and I really like them. I usually stick to converse or vans so it’s nice to have a pair of proper Adidas trainers that I could use for exercise, if – let’s be honest – I ever did any! My friend and I had mentioned perhaps booking a weekend away soon and when I looked flights to Dublin were super cheap so we ended up booking a long weekend in Ireland which I’m very excited for!

Love Always,

Alice x


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    1. I always like looking back because even if I feel like I’ve had a dull week there’s usually quite a bit that I’ve done! X

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