Dublin, Ireland | August 2018

Friday 3rd August

4am.. It’s dark, very hot and I’m super sleepy but I’m up and on my way to pick up my friend ready for our weekend in the emerald isle.


We boarded our plane at 6.45am and we were up in the air and on our way. We landed at Dublin airport by 8:30 where we were stopped by a very jolly Irish man who sorted us out with shuttle bus tickets and a hop on hop off bus tour pass. We made our way to our hostel where we put our faces on, dropped our bags and got ready to start the day. We spent the first day eating, walking and exploring and it was so much fun to see all of the beautiful streets, the historic trinity college and Dublin castle and the sunny Ha’penny bridge. Our first day in Dublin also saw us tasting classic Whisky at the Irish Whisky museum, I found it so interesting to learn about the history of whisky but I don’t think that I will try it again!


Saturday 4th August

guinness factory dublin

Day two started with McDonalds breakfast and a long walk to the Guinness factory. We had lots of fun exploring the history and the process of making Guinness but again – not so much fun tasting it. I am still so amazed by the fact that the Guinness factory storehouse is made up around panes of glass which create the biggest pint glass in the world.


From the Guinness factory, we took a walk around the town towards Smithfield to see the site of the historic markets and spot some of the jaw dropping graffiti. We headed back to the hostel for a lay down and a shower whilst we got ready to go out for the evening. We hunted for a bar which I had found online which we ended up giving up the search for. In the end, we settled for a meal and cocktails at the River bar which turned out to be a great choice. From the yummiest cocktail menu, fabulous live music and an insane club room downstairs, it was definitely a great destination for a night out in Dublin.

Sunday 5th August


We jumped on a city tour bus first thing on Sunday morning and it took us the very long, but interesting, route to Dublin zoo. I have to admit, the zoo was some what of a disappointment since the first half of the zoo seemed to have lost its animals! The animals that we did get to see were amazing and I always love a zoo, especially in the sunshine! From the zoo, we got in an uber and headed over to Kilmainham Gaol which is a refurbished jail with some of the most amazing history.


I absolutely loved hearing the incredible stories and seeing the raw history of the place. By the end of the tour, we were so tired and full of facts and history that we jumped back onto a city tour bus where we were serenaded by a big Irish man and learnt a bit more about the city’s history.

Monday 6th August

As so often happens on a city break, we jam packed our first three days so there wasn’t really much left to do on the final day. We did a bit of gift shop hopping (one of my favourite games) and then just took a final wander around the city before we headed back to the airport for lunch, a lot of waiting and a delayed flight home!

temple bar dublin.jpg

I absolutely loved my weekend in Dublin and wouldn’t hesitate to go back again!

Love always,

Alice xx



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