End of Year Goals

I can’t believe we are over half way through October! It’s so close to Christmas and the end of 2018 that I wanted to think about what I plan to achieve before we move into 2019. I always set myself lots of goals which I never end up achieving but this year I have actually done quite well with my goals and there are just a few things which I have yet to achieve and a few new goals that I want to add.

  1. Get back into gratitude journalling – I have consistently kept a gratitude journal from last Christmas all the way until September. Unfortunately when we moved house I misplaced the journal and missed a few days and I haven’t gotten back into the swing of it. Now I have found the journal I am going to make a better effort to include it in my daily routine.
  2. Work on my handwriting – I feel like this is always a goal for me because I hate my handwriting! I am going to print out some handwriting sheets and really work on it because I want my Christmas cards to be beautiful! Please share any tips you have!
  3. Complete the Disney classics list – I had an ongoing list of the classics that I had watched in my old gratitude journal so now that I’ve got it back I can get back to ticking them off! I plan to complete it by December so that I’ve got lots of time to watch Christmas movies!
  4. Read 5 more books – I haven’t had all that much reading time since we have moved because it feels like theres always something else that has to be done but I am going to try and get a few more books under my belt by the end of the year.
  5. Reach 200 followers on Instagram – If you haven’t already, please check out my Instagram @adventuring_as_alice and if you ever do anything that I’ve written about on here from crafts to cooking I would love if you shared it with the #adventuringasalice so I can check it out!

Those are my end of year goals, what are yours? Share them in the comments or on Instagram using #adventuringasalice

Love always,

Alice x


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